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Info needed on a Winchester 94/22

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:FlagAm: The other day I came across an unfired 94/22. Straight stock configuration with checkered wood. The left side of the receiver has an engraved scene of a young lad laying down holding a long gun with an adult male by his side. The inscription to the left of the figures is 1972 and to the right side of the figures is 1997. The right side of the receiver has the scene of the Winchester rider on a horse. The inscription is one of twenty five hundred.

Can anyone out the in cowboy land tell me some history of this rifle and what is the commemoration it is depicting. I might be dense, the redhead says so all the time, but off hand nothing rings a bell being youth orientated and representing those particular dates.

Thinking about purchasing and was curious about it. No box which doesn't help but as stated unfired and $750.00.

Thank you kindly for any info forthcoming.


Chas B. Wolfson :FlagAm:

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I couldnt find such a design but If you check around on Gunbroker

you will see that 750 is BID on several of the 9422s.

Look over the value of shooters and decide for yourself.

A Henry .22 lever sells for a good bit cheaper and is sure fun.

Since the Obama ban speech ALL gun prices have been bid up.

You could have three 10/22s for that money, if you could find them.....



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getting so tired of fighting with log-in. buit finally won. i am thinking you might have a 9422 25th anniversary grade 1.. reasons being only 2500 made-avail 1997-checkered stock-engraved rec with winchester horse and rider. hope this leads you the right direction good luck G W WADE

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Seems that rifle would be the WINCHESTER 9422 COMMEMORATIVE -- 25TH ANNIVERSARY GRADE I .22 RIFLE.


Very nice, Buy it if you can.


Call me when your ready to sell!



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