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A news paper prints things that are not accurate?

Subdeacon Joe

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"Gun map" inaccurate.


Yes, you see, it was the responsibility of the gun owner to update records, even though they might have died in the interim. It certainly wasn’t the Journal News’ responsibility to actually verify that the data was correct, or that they weren’t working with data from, say, the 1930s. Verification and research into what data actually means is so passé, especially when a newspaper can put people’s lives at risk to make a political point — and at the same time come up with a cool graphic.


Tech Crunch advises next time to talk with the data geeks first before publishing, and not the other way around:


While there’s a reasonable debate about whether gun permit ownership should be public information, there is no upside to transparency when it endangers the wrong citizens. Apparently, in Rockland County, the vast majority of the 16,998 permit holders were considered “historic,” some dating back to the 1930′s. Only 3,907 (22%) were current.


Transparency of government records is still a recent development; the advancement of technology hasn’t kept pace with clunky record keeping, giving overzealous journalists more offensive power than citizens have defensive power.


Perhaps, next time, we should reach out to the data geeks in charge of the information and see how accurate our conclusions might be.

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Dewey Defeats Truman

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