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I bought 4 50 Caliber Thompson Center Muzzleloaders. Two White Mountain Carbines, One New Englander, and a Hawken Sniping on Gunbroker.


An understanding club is gonna let me shoot Plainsman with them.


I am looking at buying accessories for them.


I have cast a bunch of these bullets both the .490 round ball and the .500 REAL bullet. Here they beez - http://leeprecision.com/mold-dc-50cal-320rb.html


From what I have read the twist rate is high on the carbines and the New Englander and I should use the REAL Minie knock off Bullet in them.


Should I use patched ball in the Hawkins? What kind of patch would you recommend? Did Daniel Day Lewis really get 15 yards more distance in "Last of the Mohicans" using a silk patch? (kidding)


As far as Uh oh and various loading accessories I am considering purchasing these ramrod accessories and ram rod. I like the ramrod cause you can pull out with it as well.






What is the worm accessory for? clear fouling?


Do I needs a bullet starter?


Load Reccommendations? Please P.M. these to me to follow wire rules. I have F, FF, and FFF Black Powder and 777.


If I could go a little cheaper and do the same job with the accessories lemme know. PLEASE GIVE ME INFORMED ANSWERS FROM EXPERIENCE, NOT WHAT YOUR BUD BUBBA TOLD YOU. I know I am not being really authentic so don't rib me up about it.



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I built a TC Hawkin kit rifle in .50 percussion maybe 30 years ago. I don't know if they changed the twist rate of the rifling sense, but mine will shoot a single ragged three shot hole at 50 yards using cross sticks, and an unpatched conical bullet. I do have a tang peep and front globe sight as well. I think the mold I had was a Lyman. I don't have the mold any more, but have been thinking about getting the Lee Improved Minie which is similar. The rifle shot patched ball pretty well, but I never was able to match the conical's accuracy.


Hope that helps.

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The worm attachment is for retrieving balls stuck in the barrel, either because of a squib, loading the patch and ball without the powder. Don't laugh - it will happen very soon. With me, it was the third time I shoot my Hawken!






Edited cause I was too stupid to spell "Hawken" properly!

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I think Bama erred. Or, it might just be "different parts of the country use different terms".


That thing with the wood-screw on it? That's a ball-puller. The thing with the two pieces of curved wire is a worm. Leastways, that's what we call it around here. It's for retrieving patches from the barrel. Cleaning patch came off your jag and you run that thing down to it and twist the ramrod, and the pointy wire grabs the patch.


I tried, once, to load one just using the ramrod. My friend loaned me his short-starter. Such a difference. I immediately bought one of my own. It's kinda like unloading your single-action without using the ejector rod. It's doable. You can shake the gun, hoping gravity works. Grab at the case rim with your fingernail. Pick it out with your knife blade. So you can do it. It's just so much easier using that spring-loaded ejector rod. And it's just so much easier getting a muzzle-loading rifle loaded using a short-starter.


I used a patched ball in my Renegade. That should have the same twist as the Hawken. Spit-patch. I didn't use any special muzzle-loading lube, I just put the patch in my mouth and got it wet. Used pre-cut patches, .010 thick with a .490 ball on top of 45 grains of FF for targets. I've got a target around here somewhere that has two shots cutting into each other, making a sloppy 8, from a kneeling position at 75 yards with that load.

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Alpo, you are correct, of course. In my rush to type the answer, I let my flying fingers get ahead of my feeble brain - a not altogether unusual occurrence, I'm afraid! :D

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Remeber to clean the bores after a few shots or when it starts to get "stiff" when you ram a ball.

I negelected to do that and ended up with Maxi-ball stuck partway down the tube.

I learned you can get a ball out without a worm;

Remove the barrel from the stock.

Remove the nipple and wet the powder.

Pour some hot water down the muzzle and let it sit for a few minutes.

Drop the barrel, muzzle first on a thick block of soft wood a few times.

the wet powder and ball should drop out far enough to get a grip on it with vicegrips or pliers.

Worked for me anyway and did not damage the barrel or the sights.

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I bought some accessories from Thompson Center. Midway had em too, but several were not in stock and Thompson does two day delivery for what Midway charges for regular shipping.


Delux Bullet Starter- Cat. No. 7054 Code: 49705400 this is cool cause it has a palm saver hole for your ram rod.


Nipple Wrench- Cat. No. 7482 I got one of these just to have another nipple wrench. They have a cool one that has a t handle, but I conserved some cash


Ramrod Accessory Kit - Cat No 7234 This has the worm. The ball puller. A 50 cal. Bronze Brush and Mop thingy


Universal Power Rod™- Cat. No. 7980 This was kinda pricey, but you can pull stuff up and out as well as down because it has a collapsable t handle. For the worm and bullet puller.



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