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You thought you paid a lot for your '97

Doc Flimshaw Sass# 73310

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For that kind of money I'd have to have more info than, "supposedley used and believed to be". :wacko: Rye

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The Winchester 97 could have been a Bonnie and Clyde gun but the Thompson Sub Machine Gun I dont think was one of their guns, But rather was a police gun. Best I have read is that Clyde liked the Browning Bar Rifles he stole from the nation guard breakin. In any case guns that have correct records as who and where they were used can and do bring high dollar. I seen to remember Frank Hammers Old Lucky 45 SAA sold some years ago for I think $189.000.00 at auction.


Back during Bonnie and Clydes time there is a story about the sheriff of Gillespie, Country Texas having just bought a new 34 V-8 Ford with his new deupty was out of Fredericksburg, Texas on 290 back when it was a dirt road to Johnston City when the deputy noticed a 34 Ford coming towards them at a high rate of speed and as He told the sheriff thats Bonnie and Clyde turn around let go get them and as they pasted the sheriff spun around and at the same time the two officers saw a figure moving to the back seat and know out the read window and the muzzle of a gun showed pointing their way. At that time, It was later told the sheriff stpripped the gears out of the tranmission of his Ford as the outlaws faded away in a cloud of dust. The sheriff was later said to made the comment "I dont get paid that much money to get killed". {My keyboard is acting up sorry} Had I been Frank Hammer that day I would have opened up the same way they did. After one looks at bullet ridden bodies in person the "Lets play fair thing fades away" and the instint to live to see another day becomes a reality.


Your Pard, Texas Man















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Guest diablo slim shootist

I have stood in front of Bonnys grave on more than one occasion.

She is laid to rest in the same place with all my kinfolk.We found

her grave when we were kids. her tomb stone reads:

"As the flowers and trees are made sweeter by the dew so are our

lives made sweeter by the likes of you" this was some poetry she

wrote her self. ;)

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