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Non-SASS holster for N-frame S&W , 40 cal. 409 gr. bullets

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Pards , have for your perusal some stuff that I would like to move out.



A near new condition black , RH Kramer Vertical holster for 4" N-frame S&W. This is a cowhide model , for those familiar with Kramer. They also offer horsehide holsters. Retails for 126.50. This one is yours for only 75.00 , shipped.

Holster: http://i661.photobucket.com/albums/uu340/rexintexas/100_0256.jpg

Front : http://i661.photobucket.com/albums/uu340/rexintexas/100_0255.jpg

Showing fit: http://i661.photobucket.com/albums/uu340/rexintexas/100_0257.jpg

Pic showing fit ,the Model 28 is for demonstation only , not for sale.


Also for sale 250 bullets , 40 cal. , for 40-65 and the like , packaged in 50 rnd. styrofoam-insert ammo boxes. These are the SAECO 740 mold , were sized @ .409 , weigh +/- 409 grs. I bought these several years ago from Texas Mac when I had a Browning BPCR in 40-65. Later sold the Browning and got a Shiloh , they wouldn't work in it , throat too short. Anyway , now I no longer have a 40 anything , so will send these on for 90.00 , shipped.




Thanks for looking , Rex :D

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I would like #4,6,11,12 if we can come to an agrement on price. I uderstand if you get a 1/2dozen order or dozen from somebody else.


Let me know .




I'll take all 12, or the 8 that are remaining?

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Ricochet , answered PM. Cappy , they are yours , hows about 25.00. Red Rider Rudy , you get the rest if you want them for 50.00.

Thanks , Rex :D


Thanks Rex, if you are going to San Angelo next week end we can settle up then. Otherwise I'll seen you a check and we can catch up with each other at a shoot. That will save you a little hassle. Let me know . Cappy

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One last time. :D


That's an awesome holster at a great price. If I didn't already have one identical to it, I'd be all over it.


I've had mine 8 or 10 years, and it is secure, holds its shape, and wears very easy.

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