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Problem.. final crimp on Mec Sizemaster

Rance - SASS # 54090

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Ya ever work with a piece of new equipment with the owners manual supplied... :wacko:

Ya read and reread the manual tryin' ta find out every adjustment that ya can make.. :blink:

Ya just keep tryin' and the problem still ain't fixed... :angry:

Ya decide ta kinda live with the problem... but ain't happy with the outcome.. but guess it'll have to do... :mellow:


Hey wait a minute :rolleyes: .. I've got the SASS Wire :rolleyes: They've helped me before :)


I posted the problem with my crimp..


Cowpokes like..

Rio Brazos Kid, Charlie Whisker, August West, Buckshot Frank, Garrison Joe & Seargent Smokepole

Came to the rescue...

With all their expetise and willingness to share that knowledge and help out another ol' cowpok with a problem..


I went down tonight set up my reloader... I backed off the final crimp, reset the precrimp, and backed off the wad pressure

Started reloading... within about 2-3 shells it's looking good...

A few more and a little tweaking... DANG!!! that's a purty crimp... Life is good isn't it? :)

It took me about 2 1/2 boxes before I stopped looking at every shell with the purty crimp, and started telling myself "OK Dummy ya got it..."


Thanks Pards.. you were all a big help...


Rance <_< Still thinkin' ya done good,

All for now.. JD Trampas &

Sgt. Hochbauer


We all benefited :)

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Yes Cowboy Rance, I know I benefited from this post, my shells are looking good now, like you I kept experimenting to get rid of the little pin hole, finally gave up, some shells looked good and some had the pin hole, I chalked it up to a cheaper press vs the high end press and I could live with the pin hole. Now as far as the manual that came with it, ok but no cigar to say the least, it took the SASS Wire and you to ask this and several cowboys stepped up and provided some input, love the cowboy way, ask a question and get a good answer. I'm sure we are not the only ones with this problem, more than likely it helped quite a few out there that didn't post, we were just living with it as the rest of them, not anymore :D :D :D :D


So Cowboy Rance, thanks for posting this, it has helped me and a few that don't post and it sounds like you have a happy medium also with your crimp now, thanks to all other posters that put their input in also to solve this




All for now JD Trampas

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OK.. like I said I'm kinda anal on some stuff.. :mellow:


I had previously stripped out the allen head screws on the wad pressure guide and also on the final crimp cam adjustment.. :blush:

For a quick fix.. I put in a couple sloted screws with nuts that worked..

Went to Menards last week.. got 2 new allen head chrome screws with nuts to correct my previous attempt.. done good there :)


I had approx. 2000 pink Claybuster CB1100-12 wads that were working for 7/8 oz. loads but are for 7/8 to 1 oz. loads..

Took them back to my reloading supplier and they let me exchange them for the gray Claybuster CB0178-12 wads that are specific for 7/8 oz. loads only...


Just for info.. the Claybuster wads cost about $8.16 per 500.. just a little money savin' over the Winchester wads..


I came home.. went to the reloadin' room.. started reloading..

Wad pressure is backed off to little less than 30..

already had readjusted the precrimp station and backed off the final crimp..

had everything readjusted within 2-3 rounds..


Crimps are purty.. not coned inward.. loaded 200 rounds without a hitch..


Life is good :)

Rance <_<


Thanks to all that help me out..

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I set mine to where the pointer just starts to move when the handle is all the way down (30 maybe?). Just enough to know that the wad was fully seated when I crank the handle down all the way. This way, I don't have any variance in wad seating depending on how far I pull the handle down.


This adjustment had by far the greatest effect on the quality of crimps that I get.

That was the cure for me also, although I set mine to just move at full stroke. John at Gunstop reloading told me the fix after I brought some of my failures in for him to inspect.

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