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" Half - Of - Trail " July 23rd

Slick McClade

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Hello to all,


Yep, it's that time again!! EOT is over and almost all the crying is done for the most part. We started adding this to our monthly shoot three years ago when we returned home from EOT. We had so many people say "I would love to attend EOT, but cant because of work,money or other parts of life that just plain get in the way. So we decided to take 6 stages (Half) from the shooters book and set our range up as close as possible and let those that could not attend EOT get a small part of what it was like to shoot. Everyone really enjoyed it and have been asking us to continue setting it up, so here we are in year three. We will be awarding the overall male and female with a very nice bronze like statue, which will read 2011 Half - Of - Trail overall champion male or female, places 1-3 in each class will receive a very nice award also. So if your not doing anything make plans and attend this little match on July 23rd, located in the northern Louisiana match fee only $15. Not sure how to post the website here but go to www.jacksonholeregulators.com for all contact info.


Looking forward to seeing you!!!!



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Guest Crosscut Hardy SASS # 54701

Wish I could make it since I missed EOT this year. But alas, the same reason I couldn't make EOT comes up......Broke! :angry:

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That's a GREAT idea - shooting the EOT stages at a local match. I was fortunate enough to attend EOT and it was a blast to shoot the old stages.


Good Luck with your match.


Will E. Shoot LSU 1972

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