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reload guidance 4 a .32 S&W bp pocket pistol

Cabalero Chuck

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A while back a topic here imparted some wisdom that allowed me to determine that my American Bulldog .32 pocket pistol is ONLY suitable for black powder use. ( Thank you very much, Driftwood Johnson)

Since then I have found a .32 bullet that seems suitable for use in reloading for this antique.(76gr Hunters Supply LFN - http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=238376 -)

Measuring the barrel of the little revolver leads me to believe that I am working with a .311-.312 major diameter. (It's rough getting an exact measurement)

The slugs measured a spot-on .313" w/ lube groove s (blue lube) & a crimp groove.

Is this 1 to 2 thousandth or-so interference fit too tight?

The Lee Lube & size kits seem to have a good reputation for being "on size" ( in my circumstance .311" ), but I would prefer to avoid that cost and effort if it is not necessary.

Is the liquid Alox lube used with this sizing die set http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=523184 suitable for black powder shooting?

I figure to use the Goex FFFG that I got for my percussion revolvers. Is there something else (powder wise -or- ANYthing else) that I should be considering?

How much compression of the powder might I be shooting for? (pardon the pun)


I will appreciate any guidance on these matters.

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As lumpy said, just fill the case mostly. The 32 tales a teeny amount of 3f. Given the limited amount of shooting you'll probably do with it, the lube isn't real critical. If you start putting 50-100 rounds through at a time you'll want a bp lube.

You can easily measure the exact bore size by ramming a slug down it but 313 will probably be fine.

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I use the 96 gr .311" bullet from cowboybullets.com with a 3/4 case full of Goex cowboy.


It cleand up nice with hot water,


Ol' #4

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Hornady makes a .315 lead ball for muzzle loaders. Most of your sub BP do not require special lube. Pick one that you have locally. Bell your case enough to start the ball with almost caseful of sub BP and seat/crimp your ball.


My 100 balls lasted about 4 years and no extra expense for special sizing dies etc. At side matches all you need is enough power to punch a hole in paper and this it will do.

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