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:FlagAm: Last week ya'll helped me out with some questions about whic guns to use for Wild Bunch matches.

Two Ponies Gal and I shot our first WB match last Sunday and now I guess we are HOOKED.

So my next question to the fire is:

Please tell me what the pros and cons are of each of the WB catagories. Traditional and Modern.

Eliminate an discussion on Guns and Equipment, that part is handled. Just tell me why I should shoot

one catagory verses the other. I think I know what I am going to do but I need to hear some more reasoning. :blink::wacko::unsure:

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Hi Two,


There are some pistol differences between the categories. You can find them in the WB rule book. Other than that, you have to shoot one handed in Traditional and can shoot two handed in Modern.




Allie "who is shooting her first match Modern Saturday" Mo

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I look at it kinda like duelist vs two-handed styles in CAS. If you have the equipment, traditional in WB is usually a little less crowded, and caters more towards those of us who like to shoot duelist style. That comes down to personal preference and what you enjoy. No other issue here.

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Traditional requires better hand strength than is required for two hand shooting. Traditional is how pards in the 1910's were taught to shoot the pistol.


Modern gives most folks better speed and accuracy and lowers safety risks. Easier to find a pistol that qualifies.


It really becomes how YOU can and want to shoot. No holy grail found in either direction.


Good luck, GJ

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My trio of 1911s qualify for Traditional category so that is what I sign up for. Also, I know that's how cav troopers held and fired the gun back in the day. So it's my fantasy.


BUT and however ole slabsides sometimes gets to be more than a handful for this ole stove up broke down trooper/cowboy. Twice now, in 6 stage matches I just could not hang in there duelist. So I had to fall back to Modern and put both hands on the kickin' snortin' buckin' beast just to finish.


Sure glad the option to switch is available for times like that.

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Good question and comments. Another source of information that may be of use to you is the SASS Wild Bunch web site. Most basic questions have been discussed there at some length.


WB Site


And I generally shoot Modern due to nerve damage in my hands. I can easily and safely shot traditional, but my hands hurt too much afterwards. My Springfield Mil Spec is legal for both categories so on any given day I can shoot what I feel like.




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