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  1. Here is a pair of Cowboy Cutting Spurs, that most pards would be proud wearing them. The metal spur is solid is a rock and the rowel is brass, held with a brass pin. The spurs are held in place with heavy leather and slats that hold the spur. The black leather has numerous silver colored studs with a star on each one. On the middle of the front of the black leather is a nice silver oval with a long horn cow head with an engraved background. Price is $45.00 with $4.75 S&H I will accept Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check, U.S. Postal Money Order.
  2. WINCHESTER AND LYMAN RIFLE SIGHTS Has been ended. Thanx Two Ponies
  3. These vintage rifle sights, Front and Rear are for .22 and perhaps other rifles. The rear sight is a Winchester and the front sight is a Lyman brand. The Front sight includes the attachment screw and the Lyman sight has an Ivory bead. Price is $40.00 & Free Shipping. I will take: USPS money order, Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check. Two Ponies
  4. Two Ponies

    Lone Rider

    I'm looking for a connection to LONE RIDER SASS 73063. Any info you may have is appreciated. Two Ponies
  5. Earl--

    You got a nice horn at a fair price. Congratulations.


    All I got from you was  several words and then it was cut off and I do not know what you were saying.

    Let me know your plan and how you want to pay.

    My Address:           Donald Tusher

                                       138 Greenbriar Road

                                        Gadsden, Al  35901-6424

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    2. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Howdy Two Ponies,


      Box came in, packed so well you scared the Postal Gorillas & they didn't even try to beat it to death.


      Flask & knife are very cool.


      Do you have any history/info on knife?  I like the blade shape.


      Extra thanks for the booklet & card (neat you signed it).


      I don't have an 1890 (yet) & now I will know how to make a better decision if I find one.


      I am a book fiend (rolling ladder and all) 


      I would think the check should be there by Friday, maybe Thursday.


      If you ever need any Colt percussion part give me a holler.


      (or if you decide to sell any other cool stuff, you have great (similar) taste.)


      Thanks again,





    3. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies



      Please send my your email address.   

      I have tried three times to send pictures to you of the

       hatchets   and they never will deliver.

      Perhaps an email will work better.




      Two Ponies

    4. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Sure thing Two Ponies,







  6. This nice powder horn is in very good condition. It is very old and has been well cared for. The theme is antlered Deer, Elk and Fox graphics. Both sides are identical. There are four rings on it to attach whatever sling you want. I used leather and thongs as you can see. There is a measure and spring loaded dumping mechanism on the top and I am including another powder measure tube that is graduated from zero to 120 grains, you can set this and tighten it down and use the same load over and over. See all five pictures and ask any questions you may have. Price: $45.00 + $8.00 USPO Priority Mail -Flat Rate Envelope I will accept: Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check, USPO Money Order. Two Ponies
  7. This ammo belt is a ten pocket variety with cross straps over the back and side straps. The material is very sturdy and excellent stitching on all parts of the belt and pockets. This is made to take a sever beating and not blink about it. All ten pockets have a closing flap with heavy stitching and sewn straps to a wooded keeper which is indented to allow the cloth to fit into the wooded peg. The strap attachments work through heavy metal claspsand each of the two back straps have a leather keeper at the end. This AMMO BELT appears to me to be like New and unused. Ask, if you have questions. Priced to sell. $20.00 + $5.75 S/H I will take Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check, USPS Money Order.
  8. This set of grips are Ruger Old Vaqueros. They are solid grips. The left grip has the traditional spread Eagle with the olive branch. The right grip is the same except it is missing the madelion. The left grip has a very faint quarter line, just to the right of the screw hole, this also shows on the reverse as a line across the back. Both are solid and when you rub over either of these cracks, you cannot feel any crack or blemish. The screw is also pictured and fits the grips. PRICE: $25.00 + $2.75 S&H I will take Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check, or USPS Money Order. TWO PONIES
  9. New WEAVER Scope Rings 7/8 th" These have never been attached to any gun and are marked 7/8" inch. See the four pictures for the details. Ask any questions you may have. Price is $20.00 + $1.75 S&H I will take Pay Pal, Certified Bank Check, or USPS Money Order.
  10. Here is a pair of very old and "Real Cowboy" cutting spurs. They are heavy, and are slightly over 1/8th of an inch. They have very nice engraving on the outside of each spur, and are smooth on the inside which is never seen when worn. The rowels appear to be Brass, and are permanently pinned for life. The leather is in good condition and it also is made well for long life. The studs that hold the spurs are nicely engraved on brass buttons that have a five leaf pattern. THESE ARE NICE FOR SASS SHOOTS, AS THEY DO NOT TRIP AS EASILY AS OTHER TYPES. See all seven pictures. The best ones are at the last as I was unable to move them as I wanted too. Spurs of this type are not around much, so bid early. Price is $35.00 with $8.00 S&H I will accept a Certified Bank Check, USPS Money Order, Pay Pal with my agreement. Two Ponies
  11. Slick McClade has won the Chaps


    Two Ponies

  12. Doc

    Yes I am. The gun was only used for a short time by my wife

    "TWO PONIES GAL" who wanted a rifle to match her pistols Caliber.

    I soon switched her off of that because I got tired of making too many bullets of different calibers. and the gun has been in the safe for some years now.

    She no longer shoots due to maculer degeneration with her sight.

    She was  Alabama State Champion for many years prior to 2018.


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