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Lead shot

Barbwire Benn

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I've been purchasing reclaimed shot through

J & S Wholesale


but it works if you are ordering 1000 pounds at a time.


I tend to miss alot with my shotgun




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How is this shot "reclaimed"?

Any problems shooting this type shot?

Trap and skeet ranges are "mined" - that is, the topsoil is removed, screened, sifted and air cyclone or heavy media separated to extract the lead shot, which is then usually cleaned to try to remove the final bits of rock and dirt, then re-graphited and bagged.


The shot will very between 7 1/2 to 9 sizes, and may be a mix of hardnesses.


It WILL have a little bit of rock, broken targets, even plastic in it, usually. May not be what a feller with a $50K Perrazi wants to shove down the barrels, but most cowboy shooters will not hesitate long before shooting it at its cheaper price. With good plastic wads there should be minimal barrel damage and reasonably good patterns.


Good luck, GJ

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