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Empty some old messages buddy, I can't send you one to tell you that the "flat spot" we discussed took that "drag" right out ! Will let you know what happens when I do the range testing. Thanks agin' !~

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I'll check my folder. This will be about the 4th or 5th time this past year that I've had to empty my PM's.


Anyhow, you did a good job describing the problem so I figured the suggested solution would solve it.


Thanks for the news and be sure to let me know about the range report.




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Widder, it shows how popular you are when it comes to marlin's, if that was the problem you solved for Hugh, I would imagine you and AJ get all kinds of pm's and e-mails about marlin's.



All for now JD Trampas, who had a few pm's with Widder quite a spell back though

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Howdy JD.


To my regrets, its hard to help solve all the situations because of the difficulty in the descriptions. Plus, sometimes you just have to see the rifle and what its doing. AND, sometimes you just have to close your eyes, work the lever and FEEL the situation.


Let me give you an example:


Lets say you have sluggish feeding from the mag tube onto the carrier.


1. could it be loose screws?

2. is your timing off alittle? Tooo much advanced timing can cause longer rounds to feed sluggish. Improper initial timing causes problems feeding shorter OAL cartridges.

3. is there crud build-up on the carrier?

4. is your carrier dropping down all the way and if not.....why?

5. dirty mag tube/dirty mag tube plunger/broken or weak mag tube spring/bent or dented mag tube.

6. is your loading gate correctly positioned and is the screw correctly tightened?

7. does your loading gate have a burr on its backside?

8. does the 'knife edge' portion of your lever have a burr and prohibiting the rim of the cartridge to fall correctly onto the carrier when you work the lever open?


And there's probably a couple other situations that elude my mind right now.


So, although I enjoy helping out when possible, I know there are some instances that are not as successful as I would prefer.


In Hugh's case, he has set himself up with a WiddermAJik. Its runnin the C45S and the .45 Colt interchangably. Setting up the timing curve on these can be alittle tricky. Actually, its so tricky that it appears no one has ever attempted it during the first 115 years of Marlins history.


But once you see how its created, you'll wonder why it took sooooo long. Its almost toooooo simple, although alittle timely to setup correctly.


Well, I best let my fingers rest up alittle.


Safe travels



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Trouble diagnosing remotely???!!! :D:huh::blink:




Trust the Force, Luke!!!



The ability to "remote tech" successfully is inversely proportional to what the owner of the afflicted gun (computer, car, etc) THINKS he knows about what is wrong. The best situation is a "robot" with good eyes and no preconceptions who will walk through the gun with you, doing what he is told, reporting what you ask for. If the feller has been working on the piece a while and THINKS he knows what's wrong, it never goes well......


But even on a good day, as Widder says, sometimes even when ya have the piece in hand ya gotta look, feel, think about it some, then all of a sudden and answer comes to ya (or leads ya up a blind alley)..... It's an art, fellas. I've had times I couldn't get my own rifle running right, even while helping somebody else create magic with theirs.....

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I think this works well for us, as I KNOW that I don't fully understand how timing works. This allows me to explain what exactly is going on, and let Widder offer solutions, then we figure out which one it is. The man has a gift for this, I tell ya. (Now I'm going to go bow to my Widder, Lord of the Marlins statue that I keep in the freezer, okay, it's a chocolate Yoda but it works!~)

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