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FS Double Rigs B western Rig Black With Silver Conchos

Wild Willi

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This rig is a Custom Made Leather Rig, The color is Black. It measures about 43 inches to the center hole.The Belt and the the Holsters are All Lined.The Holsters and the Belt has a Border stamp aound them. This is an outsanding rig, It has very nice and ornate silver conchos, and custom ornate threee piece buckel set,Hammer thongs, will fit Rugers Old or New Models or Colts and Clones. Barrel length to 5 1/2. This rig has 38 loops and has hammer thongs. The guns sit high and proud, gun fighter style.This holster is new! I lost weight after I bought it and have never used it. You are getting this for just about HALF of its cost. This is a very high quality rig as you can see from the pictures. $285 + shipping Flat Rate box with delivery confermation $15. I had it sold to Mad Max Henery but he ran into some unexpected truck repairs, so do not miss this second chance to own this fime rig.


Click link for pics click pic for super sized pics







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Funny you should ask, Those are a matched pair of fully factory engraved guns with consecutive serial numbers. Now that said, one has from the factory a 5 1/2 inch barrel the other is 4 3/4 the one has a target type ejector rod the other a cresent. I left them just as I got them. I do not know what happened at the factory.


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