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    sass, just forgot my number?!
  1. Alrighty then, how fast would I have to pay you for this bad boy?

  2. I don't know what to tell you, I complained, they said they will check, did you receive it yet? This sucks, the one time I send cash, the one time, and it gets ripped off?!

    That's just crazy, the odds of that are like 20,000,000 to one!

    Hopefully it shows up late, but shows up.


  3. Hey big guy, did you get your money yet? I am not pushing for the belt, I am in no hurry, I just want to make sure you got the CASH, I didn't send an check

  4. I'm tryin' I can for sure tell you by the 1st though, for sure! Thanks, your a real trooper!

  5. sorry, didn't look, that's OK, thanks anyhow

  6. I live in California, would this be a problem shipping out here? I use Walker 47 in Anaheim, he's a SASS guy from way back.


  7. I was going to buy one, that's what I meant by I won't waste your time, just was asking about layaway was all. but i guess you sold them, sorry I was so slow. so your selling a bunch of stuff, huh, great!

  8. bullwhacker,

    The Schofields were sold to the first two that said "Yes" pending payment.

    Thanks anyway and keep your powder dry,


  9. i just wanted to pay over two weeks, no discount, i guess they are gone.


  10. Sir, I would like to get one of these, do you offer any layaway, or how soon would you want full payment, if no layaway.



    I won't waste your time, I have wanted on for a long, long time, just too damn expensive!

  11. Very honest pard, came through 110% for me with a recent deal we made, great guy!

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