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New 1911

G. P. Cobb

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This piece will meet WB Modern requirements, I'm pretty sure. Although the muzzle cuts MIGHT be interpreted as a non-allowed external modification. It would not seem to offer a speed advantage, but, it sure is not what JMB designed in 1911. Will not fly in Traditional on several counts. You will need to use other magazines than standard Wilson units, since those all have plastic extended base plates.


Here's the WB rules - http://sassnet.com/Downloads/RO/SASSWBHand..._2010_final.pdf

again, in case you have lost them.


Not a very intriguing piece when there are lots of other fish in the sea.



Good luck, GJ

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Wow! - Nice looking pistol. A mite rich for my blood, but it looks great, and I'm a big Wilson fan. If you have the money, grab it! And shoot it in modern... ;-) and EVERYwhere else.




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10-4 on the high price! Conversely, when the sweepstakes comes in................ and it's on it's way.

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