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My right hand dives at maximum speed towards my cross draw holster. My left hand stops at about chest level. The right hand snatches the pistol up and out of the holster, bringing it up, straight up to eye/target level, meeting my off hand, which instantly takes a proper hold and thumb up which instantly draws the hammer rearward. At the same time the arms extend directly towars the target. When full extentsion is reached (actually maybe 60%), I have the pistol cocked, sights aligned, and sight picture, bang - ding. Golly, that felt good. 1.15 sec. on the timer. OK, reholster, let's try it again.


Oh, sorry, just daydreaming about being on the range.

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Dang it, Seven.


We MISS you on the range. How many ways do we have ta say it, man?


Come out and visit us!!


BTW yer time was probably 1.05 but you read it wrong. :D





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