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1897 Shotgun Front Sight Replacement Beads

Shameless Womanizer 57929

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I was looking through Brownwells and they don't have a lot of pictures of them.


Does anyone have brass one that they have used they really like what are legal for SASS?



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It all depends on what you are after. If you are like me (and my eyesight) where bigger is better, then I would suggest getting Brownells biggest brass bead. But, if you are also trying to match threads of your existing bead you may be headed for some trouble as Brownells are all US threads and most of the import copies are either metric or worse as in my case staked. That is another plus to going to the largest bead because you just also buy the corresponding tap, remove the old bead and tap the new threads and you are good to go. Smithy.

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Drill and tap here ....




Beads here ....


http://www.midwayusa.com/Search/#shotgun bead 6-48____-_1-2-4_8-16-32


If you've not already cut down the barrel, use the current front bead as a guide point to find the TDC of the barrel to mark where you intend to put the new one. A piece of fishing line tied around the bead and stretched to the center of the receiver will be the most accurate way.

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Use #4 size bead (.175 dia.) brass with shaft/thread size 6-48, Brownells item # 080-532-132

Use drill size #31

Tap size 6-48


Hope this help.


I.M. Crossdraw

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