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  1. I got two sets with real Sambar stag grips that have been fitted to the frames the frames have modified to the gary reeder style frame more like bisley feel in the hands GRiops are Ajax
  2. Yep next one you see fir $200 you grab it my guess would be the bore was gone no problem you can get it reclined $100
  3. If you find one not worth much you should buy it quick! The ones I have bought and, I have a 22 and 32, I paid good money for and they were not cheap. I think if you are looking for a face to face deal where there is not an FFL involved you might bee looking long in this climate!
  4. I looked for a long tim until I found my Cimarron "Crossfire Trail" . It is in 45-75 Winchester however and ammo has all but dryed up. I would for sure get 45-60
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