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  1. See my post for complete stocks set
  2. I have a pair of 44-40 SS Old Model Vaqueros 4 3/4 barrels Whiter Ruger grips , these are unmolested guns. I was just considering listing them, These are the holy grail of vaqueros. I have never fired them but they were very little if at all before i got them YEARSSSSS ago. If that is what You Buddy is looking that can be had by him!
  3. Brookstick, I do not shoot any BP, I have a 1860 with a stock I would like to sell but do not know where they can be shipped without an FFL and where it requires one they law changes so fast today you need to be a lawyer to keep it all straight!
  4. Should fit both thats why the measurements are there but should fit 24" and 16"
  5. beautiful American Black Walnut Stock That will fit Fox, Savage, Stevens, Springfield 311 Double Barrel Side by Side Shotgun. The stock is NEW and completely finished is a satin low luster finish. The wood is a nicely figured walnut. $130 shipped to the lower 48
  6. laminated stock set for the Rossi 92 rifle. Will also fit the Puma rifle, This is in a beautifull Coyote laminated satin finish. This is a new item never been on a gun. Below are the dimensions. Top Tang width 11/16 Top Tang length 4inches Bottom tang width 5/8 Bottom Tang length 3 15/16 Height at the receiver is 1 7/16 Width at the receiver is 1 5/16 $225 Shipped to the lower 48
  7. Gray Laminated Stock set for the Savage, Stevens, Springfield 311 12 gage side by side Shotgun. This should also fit other models that use the same stock the 51 and the 5100. It should also fit 16 ga models of the same guns. This stock set if fully finished and ready to install. This stocks set is new and has never had a gun installed in it. This stock set is a beautiful Color with a super nice finish. $225 Shipped to lower 48
  8. How about these they will fit up to 71/2 open tops Top quality, budget price Here is a Crossdraw rig for the Uberti Open Tops 7 1/2 barrel 38sCustom fitted to the guns!. This is a very slightly used rig. It has lined holsters and belt and very nice hammer thongs it is marked 357 and size 40 looks to me it will fit 34-38 or 40 This has the optional 3 inch wide belt. http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/double-rigs/tequila-rig-42. New theses are $500 See the pics I am sure I forgot something.$290.00 plus the shipping. From Kirkpatric's website Constructed of 8 oz. American leather, all holsters are hand dyed for rich lasting color and all edges are burnished and painted for durability and beauty. Hardware is of the highest quality, from the solid brass buckle to the chicago screws. The holsters are hand molded to your revolvers for a perfect fit and the full welt design makes sure your holsters will last. The nearly three inch wide belt is made of 9 oz. leather and is fully suede lined. Belt & Holster may be purchased separately. Available for most popular calibers, the "Tequila" rig comes equipped with twenty four hand molded bullet loops and a solid brass buckle. WW
  9. PM me your shipping address and I will get a shipping price
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