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  1. Just a note. POF is made under license from H&K. They are made on German machinery supplied by H&K. These are basically HK MP5's. I bought a POF MP5 and was so impressed, I bought another POF MP5K. Both run flawlessly.
  2. $550 shipped. I am selling this as a Wall Hangar. This is a Burgess grip activated takedown shotgun(not folding). When I got this, I spent hours hand filing an extractor from a block of steel. It turns out, the bolt had broken and had been brazed together. I actually shot this and got it to work for a couple dozen rounds before the bolt broke again. Pretty much all the parts are there. Barrel is good with very little pitting. Butt stock is solid except for small chip at toe. Fore-end is complete with the exception of one screw for the forend cap and a hairline crack. Someone with enough time and skill could probably get this going again. Antique, not working, wall hanger. Probably worth alot more than $550 to someone who needs parts, it's going up on Gun broker on Saturday.
  3. This is very nice Marlin 1893 in 38-55. It is a "Grade B" meaning it is made for "Blackpowder Only" and is so marked. It has a very nice Ivory bead flip up front sight. It has a tang sight of unknown age, although I suspect newer rather than older, that could be Marbles or Lyman. Excellent mechanical and shooting condition. I have shot this gun with BP loads and it shoots very well. Bore has no rust or pits, is dark but with strong rifling. 26" octagon barrel. Stock is solid and in good shape with a small 1 inch hairline crack where tang meets receiver on right side.. Overall nice patina to the gun. I paid 2.2k for this several years ago and am now looking to get $1699 shipped. Must ship to an FFL as I suspect this was made in 1905. C&R OK.
  4. It's a great rifle. Seems alot of guns aren't selling at really good prices. I'm going to post a nice original Marlin 1893 in 38-55 later today.
  5. All rules followed. I am a private seller. It is not an auction. It is not a commercial sale. I am a SASS member. My member number is posted. GB is merly a way for him to contact me. The gun is not on auction at GB.
  6. I followed all the rules.  It is not a commmercial posting.  It is not an auction...it s for sale at a fixed price.  I merely answered a question of a guest...I cannot e-mail him and he cannot e-mailme because he is a guest.  I am not going o post my e-mail or phone number...gunbroker will allow him to contact me thru their site.  If you have a better solution as to how he can contact me, please let me know.

  7. Yes, still available. Also for sale on Gunbroker, you can go there, search for "Original 1876 Winchester" and contact me thru that site.
  8. SOLD Original 1876 Winchester 45-60 manufactured in 1885 , sn 56918. It is in excellent working condition. When I found this twenty years ago, someone had been using it as a modern day hunting rifle as the barrel had been cut and the magazine cut to hold only 3 rounds. I installed a replacement magazine tube. I matched the magazine tube to the patina of the barrel. You would not know it is a replacement unless I told you. I believe this gun is all original with the exception of the magazine tube assembly, and maybe the wood. The stock is in exceptional condition, so much so, that iI believe it may have been replaced at some time. I do not know, you be the judge. The 22" barrel has strong rifling with no rust or pitting. It will consistently hit a 16' plate at 100 yds with no problem, Original dust cover present, and screws are in decent shape. Markings are strong and sharp. It has a sliding trap butt plate but no cleaning rod. Nice patina on a beautiful old rifle. Functions perfectly, I have shot this with Black Powder, trail boss, and reduced power smokeless loads. Antique, $1500 shipped, will consider trade plus cash for Fn FAL/L1A1/R1A1 clone.
  9. Hi, send check or MO to

    Richard Jones

    16992 w state hwy 29

    LLANO TX  78643


    ph 325 247 5167


    I need an 01 or C&R FFL.  Gun was made in 1901.  Thanks

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    3. Diego Kid #4631
    4. Diego Kid #4631

      Diego Kid #4631

      Hey Calvin....got back to work and it was there!!!!!  I like it!!!!!  Looks great!!!!!  My boss that does the transfers is on an African Hunt....he left on Wed also.....will be back next week and then he'll do the transfer for me.....but....I still get to play with it at work!!!!  I just looked up my Bank account and your check was recorded as deposited and being processed.


      Thanks a lot!!!!!   Diego

  10. Mike, need your phone # and address asap so I can call your dealer...he's pretty hyper because he claims to know nothing about this.

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