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  1. SOLD $150.00 Ths is a like new Timbersmith laminated gray/black wood stock for an SKS. These are no longer made and are hard to find because they are an excellent design and of the highest quality. You get the stock and matching top handguard. Let the pics be your guide. Perfect for making a ranch rifle. This should fit all SKS models. I had this on a Romanian SKS and it fit perfectly. Bayonet needs to be removed or a clearance cut made for it.Free Shipping
  2. Sold $75.00 NRS small basket stamped saddle bags. Great for carrying around, over shoulder, or cantle /pommel on your saddle. Sell new for over $100. This item is new and has never been used. Very convenient size for over the shoulder carry. $75.00 Free Shipping Small Saddle Bag American Tanned Skirting Leather Hand-tooled Basket Weave Pattern 8in x 6in x 3in
  3. SPFGenuine leather lariat from the Barbary Coast Ranch, a working Texas cattle ranch. My personal rope, but not used. 5 strand braided riata. 1/4" strands, about 1/2" diameter. Nice and supple, kept oiled. 36' long with leather re-enforced honda. $125.00 Free shipping.
  4. Hi, send check or MO to

    Richard Jones

    16992 w state hwy 29

    LLANO TX  78643


    ph 325 247 5167


    I need an 01 or C&R FFL.  Gun was made in 1901.  Thanks

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    2. calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      tracking # usps





















    3. Diego Kid #4631
    4. Diego Kid #4631

      Diego Kid #4631

      Hey Calvin....got back to work and it was there!!!!!  I like it!!!!!  Looks great!!!!!  My boss that does the transfers is on an African Hunt....he left on Wed also.....will be back next week and then he'll do the transfer for me.....but....I still get to play with it at work!!!!  I just looked up my Bank account and your check was recorded as deposited and being processed.


      Thanks a lot!!!!!   Diego

  5. Mike, need your phone # and address asap so I can call your dealer...he's pretty hyper because he claims to know nothing about this.

  6. Try this company...they custom load ammo. You can send them your brass to get a discount. They charge $30 for 20 rounds of 30-40 or $20 if you send them the brass. Graf's is now out of stock of loaded ammo but have brass available. Load-X Ammunition Company 3100 Dutton Ave., Suite 121 Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Phone: 707-579-0990 Fax: 707-579-1630
  7. I changed my e-mail address on my account and when I click to validate my new e-mail address nothing happens. So I cannot access my messages, nor send messages, and I am trying to contact some members reference their purchases from me on the classified.
  8. $900 plus shipping (About $30, USPS Priority) Original 1895 Winchester. .30US/30-40 Krag. Made 1916. 27 inch barrel. Excellent mechanical condition and a good shooter...I have shot this gun within the last 6 months and it is mechanically fine. I have shot both smokeless and black powder in this gun with good results from both. Very good cosmetics...stock is sound with a small surface crack in the wrist. The forearm is a modern replacement custom made to match the age and finish of the rest of the gun. Everything else is 100% original and functioning. Strong patina overall with normal nicks, dings, wear and tear for a 100 year old gun. Barrel has strong rifling with some darkness. Barrel finish is blue towards receiver thinning towards gray at the muzzle. Receiver is blue turning to gray with a mottling. Very pleasing to look at. No rust, no pitting, some freckling as finish turns to gray patina. Nice shootable historic gun. Pictures show it all. This is C&R eligible. Must ship to ffl or C&R. I am a C&R and receiver must be willing to accept from a C&R. $30 shipped Priority mail. Payment by usps MO or personal check if I know you.
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