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  1. I got this setup included with a pair of guns I bought a while back. I’m set for leather so passing this on. Gun belt with holes from 38”-42”. Shotgun belt with holes from 37”-41” as best as I can measure. I’m not sure what guns the holsters were made for. My Ruger Old Vaqueros are too large to fit comfortably, my Single Sixes are too small. My NMV’s will fit into these holsters but are still a tighter fit than in my other holsters. Whyte Leather Works is stamped on the shotgun belt. I’m not finding a maker’s mark on any of the rest of it. These are worth something but not a lot. Let’s say $50 plus shipping.
  2. What’s a case of APP running these days? Thanks!
  3. Thanks QDG! I'll include my information in with the check I send you. It'll be on its way tomorrow.
  4. @Quick Draw Granpaw #48525 I’m guessing your inbox is full as I couldn’t send you a message.
  5. Earlier this year I paid $800 for one which was already fully slicked up for SASS. About a year before that I bought one locally which was completely stock for $550. Gives you some recent idea of at least what I was willing to pay.
  6. @BandAid you may very well be correct. I could probably more accurately say they used a rotary tool with a drum sander attachment.
  7. The two gunsmiths I’ve personally observed doing this both used Dremels. If there was a better tool I’m sure they’d use it. Of course they have experience, but nonetheless it was their tool of choice.
  8. Herein lies the issue; I believe they won’t run a batch of it until the orders hit some number. Yet they wait so long to do this people get frustrated and cancel their orders which just moves the date back again. I wish they’d just do a run and then keep in stock if need be. You’d think after a certain period of time they’d want to serve all their customers not just those interested in the more common calibers.
  9. Starline has had .44 Russian available to order for two years now. Production and delivery is another thing entirely. I’m over two years now since I placed an order for them and still no delivery.
  10. Thanks for the response. I'll take them. Sending you a PM.
  11. If they’re Eagle, I’ll take them. If not, who is the maker?
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