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  1. If you are interested in breaking out the nickel .38 spl, pm me. DB
  2. I am not sure, but I don’t think it is pig Latin.
  3. Wow is right...never seen a woman with three of them! You got to wonder about placement.
  4. I moved recently, guns in the pickup, ammo in the trailer. I thought it was safe, as no flammables or a source of sparks/ combustion.
  5. Depends on your age, older was a burr, younger a buzz.
  6. The robbers thought Portland was in Clackamas County.
  7. Not something I am going to try, but if you do ...does it taste like chicken?
  8. I’ll take the other brown shotgun belt. Let me know about preferred payment. DB
  9. I will take the 308 brass, if still available. Message me the payment info and I will provide the mailing address. DB
  10. It can’t be where a telemarketer works, because they are full of ...well you know!
  11. It is sad that 8 pigs gave their lives for a photo shoot....but where can I get one?
  12. I don’t know the answer, but I would contact Shotgun Boogie to ask if and how?
  13. I will volunteer also, but will have to be both Virgil and Morgan.
  14. You might think about a used jogging stroller, and building your own. That’s what i am doing, with minimal skill...it is not pretty, but heck it has a parking brake.
  15. Items spoken for, will go in order of request. Will PM recipients. With thanks to JMF, free to someone thinner than I am: Scully vest, canvas, size XL Wah Maker vest, patterned, size L Pants, grey color, size 36(?) all button, back strap.
  16. Before I make a fool of myself...is there any money to be made as a old man pot bellied pole dancer?
  17. Guess I was lucky in my youth... I thought only one of us needed to provide ...protection.
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