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  1. I use a slip on cover like this if you have a thin/splinter style forearm.
  2. Cobra Kid, I'm your huckleberry, PM to follow. CK
  3. Capt'n, not having #10 is ok but I will take #24 please. I changed my want list. CK
  4. This situation is a great learning opportunity. We all have to remember this is a GAME played by like minded individuals with safety the prime driving force. We all should be in a position to help and guide other shootists in their quest to play the game. What is experience worth? Not much when it is used wrong. Cowboys still ride the range in winter wearing cotton blue jeans because of "tradition" and their daddy did it. Our game has a flow chart to help with just this situation. I have one in my hat and cart! I have used it many times. Happy trails to all, just my view from the saddle. CK
  5. Capt'n, I will take #9, 16, 20, 24, 26 shipped to 97760, Oregon please. PM to follow, CK
  6. In the Way-Back machine, when you upgraded to Life you could get a lower number. There was a block of #'s, 5000-5999, range that was used. I got mine in the mid 90's. After the block was used up, it just became your # but add Life.
  7. How does a frontiersman cowboy reload on the line.......?
  8. Great Price and available! Get'um cowboy. I just got mine 6 months after placing order. CK
  9. This: slug all barrels to be used, soft lead bullets sized to smallest barrel measured, check chamber mouths, forcing cone corrected, hi-tek coating or BP lube, large lube groove, use a filler to fill case to bullet base ( no need to fill up case with BP ) One thing that helped me out in a huge way was getting a Factory Crimp Die. When I was trying to use the seating/crimp die to do both, I was getting far too many cartridges that would not chamber. Once I switched to just seating with the seating die, and crimping with the FCD, that problem went away. Good luck and welcome to the DARK SIDE!
  10. I had a 45 colt Hawes many years ago. Here is some info on co. history. 8. 1959 – Haywood “Hy” Hunter makes a deal with J.P. Sauer & Sohn in West Germany to make his Colt SAA clones with himself to distribute in the US. J.P. Sauer & Sohn begins production of the single action revolver named the “Western Six Shooters” with calibers ranging from .22lr to .45 Long Colt. The revolvers were made with varying barrel lengths and shell type handles made from either plastic or wood. (Approximately 300,000 were produced for the U.S. market) 9. 1960 – Haywood “Hy” Hunter begins importing and distributing the J.P. Sauer & Sohn Colt SAA clones. Being both robust and inexpensive compared to their competitors, they were immediately popular and played a role in the demise of Great Western Arms. Early & Modern Firearms, Inc also advertised and distributed these J.P. Sauer & Sohn Colt SAA clones from Mr. Hunter. 10. 1964 – Haywood “Hy” Hunter testifies before a Senate Investigating subcommittee concerning arms dealings and foreign machine gun importation. Mr. Hunter also hints at a connection between the CIA and the American Weapons Corp., the parent company of Hy Hunter Inc. 11. 1967 – Hawes Firearms Company is formed (Martha Hawes; former employee of Hy Hunter) and begins distributing the J.P. Sauer & Sohn SAA clones advertised as their “Marshal” line of single action revolvers, with such model names as: a. Western Marshal b. Montana Marshal c. Silver City Marshal d. Federal Marshal e. Chief Marshal f. Deputy Marshal (Early 67’ and 68’ models can be found with the model name “Western Sixshooter”.) 12. 1980 - Hawes Firearms Company goes out of business as a result of several lawsuits involving accidental discharges of their “Marshal” line of single action revolvers. J.P. Sauer & Sohn sells their revolver operation and tooling to Herman Weihrauch Waffenfabrik in the Bavarian town of Mellrichstadt. The Weihrauch Revolver Company currently produces the SAA clone through EAA under the model name “Bounty Hunter” with updated safety features. The serial number doesn't follow the pattern of that of the Hy Hunter or Hawes revolvers as it has a letter followed by four numbers. The letters appear to indicate the caliber of the gun, A=.22 B=.357 C=.45 D=.44. I have come across several guns online that share similar marking between the years of 1964-1968. The name of "L.A. Western Six Shooter" also seems to be an oddity found only on some of the guns found during this time period. Hawes as a company wasn't formed until September of 1967 according to California Secretary of State records, with George Hawes listed as the registered agent. An article about Hy Hunter in Guns Magazine lists him as running E&M Firearms Co., could this be a mistake? Seems to be to big a mistake for such a popular gun magazine at the time.
  11. I'm your huckleberry for #2, the slix wrenchs, PM to follow. CK
  12. So I am at a match, big or small, and afterward what makes me remember it or spend the money and time to attend it again? Usually it's the people, atmosphere, fun of playing Cowboy and shooting in that order. Do I applaud the better shooters and learn from them, yes I do! Awards are nice but I appreciate all the work the shooters do as well as the match directors. I will always try to return to a match were I am welcomed and thanked to attend, award or not. My 2 bits.
  13. SM, I'm your huckleberry, PM to follow. CK
  14. Club level matches can decide on reshoots or not but SASS sanctioned matches above allow a reshoot for "range failure" at the shooters choice. SHB 1-2022, page 20. Our club wants everyone to have fun so we encourage "shoot were it was" but offer a reshoot if the shooter wants one.
  15. Texas Red, I will take the grey 3 pocket, see a PM I sent ya. CK
  16. Texas Red, I'll Take #2, river junction bone, CK PM to follow
  17. Sorry, I did not see the price between the pictures. I will take it, PM to follow.
  18. Thanks, No problem!! Till next time down the trail!! CK
  19. Rio, I'm your huckleberry!! Pm to follow, CK ( POST NOTE: as I was writing this Make Your Mark may have beat me, Check Your PM)
  20. Hellbender, You guys and gals have done a GREAT job of coming back!! Hope to make it there someday! Caladisi Kid
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