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  1. 2 hours ago, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    Skip the middle man and just contact the fella at circle fly wads. 



    Circle Fly Wads, LLC

    PO Box 36, Airville, PA. 17302

    P/F: (717) 862-3600


    for right now their only selling through the retail sites


    Contact one of these fine retailers to purchase Circle Fly Wads



    Track of the Wolf Inc., Elk River, MN. (763-633-2500) trackofthewolf.com

    Ballistic Products Inc., Corcoran, MN. (888-273-5623) ballisticproducts.com

    Dixie Gun Works, Union City, TN. (800-238-6785) dixiegunworks.com

    Precision Reloading, Mitchell, SD. (605-996-9984) precisionreloading.com

    Buffalo Arms Co., Ponderay, ID. (208-263-6953) buffaloarms.com

    The Gun Works, Springfield, OR. (541-741-4118) thegunworks.com

    Log Cabin Shop, Lodi, OH. (800-837-1082) logcabinonline.com





  2. On 3/5/2021 at 10:07 AM, Ozark Shark said:

    I've used my SDB for a lot of .38 loading.  


    +1 on the cleaning of the die.


    Also, if there is any difference in the shape of of the cone or the diameter between your two bullets, that might account for your variance.


    Fretless as OS posted, do both the pre-lubed and coated bullets have the same shaped tip (i.e. RNFP, RN, etc.).  Again as OS said check the diameter of each.  If the diameter between lubed and coated bullets is different you may have to adjust the cartridge bell.  With all things being equal your SDB should/will give you rounds within .001 +/-, were you getting inconsistent OALs before changing bullets?  

    Pistols are very forgiving as to OAL, but you never said what kind of rifle.  Marlins in small calibers can be very finicky as to a rounds OAL, ‘66/‘73s are more forgiving.  Remember Dillon has a lifetime guarantee even if you’re not the first owner plus they’ll also refurbish your machine (as Singin Sue mentioned), at a very reasonable cost.  When I bought a used SDB I sent it to Dillon, I paid the shipping to them they took care of the rest including the cost of shipping it back.  They sent the machine back looking like new and running like snot from a 2 year old’s nose.  If you decide to send your machine in call or email them first, there might be a very long wait time.  

    Keep us posted, sometimes it’s hard to diagnose things without being there or seeing pictures.

  3. To all the “nail benders” “dirt diggers” “turd chasers” “educated azzholes” and others Happy Birthday!


    I wasn’t a Seabee, but served with the Bee’s 3 times and I’m proud to have earned the Seabee Combat Warfare pin.  Ooooh Ra

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  4. 4 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    Tequila Shooter, I see CircleFly Wads says they are too busy supplying their distributors right now to sell to individuals, and to contact one of their retailers.  Have you tried all these?




    Thanks Abilene, I just got a couple a 100, but I’m tired of hunting the websites every time I need some. So I thought if I make them myself I can have them anytime I need them.  What brought this up was when I was getting ready for Dark Days in January I needed some and again I had to hunt and was only able to get 1 package in time.

  5. In these times we’re living I wouldn’t confront the kid(s) without the parents being there.  Kids seem to spin things like a seasoned PR specialist.  I’d wait till the parent(s) are there and explain.  If you get resistance or denial then do the recording things that’ve been suggested.

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