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  1. Gunslinger auctions, sold Winchester 1873 ser. Number 6, for $125,000. I am owner/operator. If theres anything I can do to help, let me know. Www.gunslingerauctions.com Www.gunslingerauctions@yahoo.com Hud
  2. Btw, how many of you know that when this class was originally brought up it was a MIGHT different. The original intent was, 7 items, 38-40 and larger, black powder ONLY, and (get ready) only ONE handgun. That was actually partially Hipshots idea, as it would have evened out shooting 1 handed large cal, and it would have been great to see a Classic Cowboy in the top ten shoot off. That was in '02 or '03. The TGs gutted it. Oh well.....
  3. Yea, but with regionals, state championships and the trips to Arizona and New Mexico, it's a bit more than my plate can hold.
  4. Thanks, but imho everyone that stuck it out and shot this match is a champion.
  5. Or maybe, just buy from a Cali Dealer.....ahem....I didn't read all the comments, but if a gun (or anything ELSE for that matter) is purchased out of state, it is the dealers responsibility to collect TAXES on it. And before you start throwing rocks at our backs, just remember, what starts here, moves east. So, be nice to us on the FRONT LINES, cause if our line breaks, you WILL be next. And lastly, "that will NEVER happen here", is the lament of everyone ignorant enough to NOT know history..... hud
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