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  1. This week, we have a pair of curators from the Autry museum, to talk about their HUGE western firearms collection. Hope you can join us. KABC 790AM Sunday mornings at 7am. You can download iheartradio on your phone for free, and listen anywhere you can use it. Thanks Hud
  2. Starts at 6am pst
  3. Well, the station has lost its mind, and asked us to do a TWO hour show tomorrow (Dec. 1st) we are having Gary Kieft from Dillion on as a guest. Hope you guys will listen in. Or call in and say hello. 1 800 222 5222. You can hear it anywhere a smart phone works. Download iheartradio, it's free, and turn it to KABC 790. Thanks again hud
  4. The podcast will be up tomorrow afternoon. Go to gunslingerauctions.com, scroll down to the show banner, and you can hear the show there. He was a great guest
  5. Yes sir. Any questions you folks want asked?
  6. hud

    Gunslinger Radio Hour

    Any questions you want us to ask?
  7. In case you missed it on the wire, or on Facebook, I have Patrick Wayne on my radio show this Sunday on KABC 790 at 7am pst. If you're not in the LA area, you can download iheartradio on your phone or computer, and listen from anywhere in the US. Thanks hud
  8. hud

    Gunslinger Radio Hour

    go to gunslingersauctions.com scroll down to the show banner, and you can hear them there. Thanks
  9. hud

    Gunslinger Radio Hour

    Thank ya kindly
  10. Howdy, some of you have heard by now that myself and Frederick Jackson Turner are hosting a pro gun radio show. This weeks guest, is going to be Patrick Wayne. You can listen to the show from anywhere in the US that a smart phone works. Simply download iheartradio, (its free) and at 7am pst, tune into KABC 790. Its that simple. We will be taking calls, so you can speak to Mr. Wayne also. Hope you can tune in hud
  11. You can go to the link FJT provided, or download iheartradio (its free), then simply type in KABC 790am. And you can listen from your phone
  12. 18002225222 is the number Yul. Thanks for asking, and looking forward to your call on Sunday
  13. Howdy, me and my old pal Frederick Jackson Turner have a radio show on KABC 790am Sunday mornings at 7am pst. If you would like to hear it, all you have to do is download iheartradio on your phone, it's free. Then put in KABC 790AM, and you can hear it from WHEREVER you are. Thanks Hud
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