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  1. We will be simulcasting with our "On the spot" reporter Jackson Turner tomorrow morning starting at 6:30am on KABC 790AM. If you have a smart phone, download iheartradio and search for KABC 790am. It's free. Hope to have you along.
  2. This week, since I'm here at Winter Range shooting, and since Frederick Jackson Turner is announcing the top 20 shoot off, we will be doing a sort of simulcast from the match. Hope you can tune in. And call in. See you Sunday at a special time 6:30am pst on KABC 790am. Thanks as always
  3. I'm calling the station tomorrow to find out what the heck. I'll let you know what I find out. We want a CALL from you
  4. Go to gunslingerauctions@yahoo.com Scroll down till you see the banner. Today's show should be posted tomorrow afternoon. Or, listen to older shows, like when we had the one and only Patrick Wayne on
  5. We're back at it again tomorrow at 7am PST. Show can be heard anywhere your phone works......
  6. They are changing things, could take a day or two. Keep checking back. Thanks as always
  7. Not up to us, it's the station. I will call them in the morning. Thanks for the support
  8. Just added to our guests this Sunday, Evil Roy
  9. Ok everyone, this Sundays show is going to be a SASS "round table". I've got Frederick Jackson Turner, Jokers Wild, Coffee, and hopefully a few more coming in to discuss SASS. Like, how long have you been shooting, how has SASS has changed your life. Hope you can tune in. Or call, 1 800 222 5222
  10. Aww man. I'm sorry. I'll get that figured out. Let me know when you can try again
  11. This weeks special guest is none other than Sheriff Jim Wilson. Sheriff, Texas Ranger, gun writer and country singer. Hope you can join us
  12. The last 2 weeks podcasts are finally up
  13. I know. The station is going thru a lot of changes. So, everything is running late
  14. Aww. But, I understand. Maybe one day....
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