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  1. Price sounds fine to me. Could I possible see a picture or 2 just to see the shape of the tools? Thank you.
  2. Do you have a price in mind? Any Pics possible? Thanks
  3. Looking for a tool head and die setup for 45lc for Dillon Square Deal, if no powder funnel thats ok, i have an extra. Thanks
  4. Need approximately 44" - 45" to center hole to wear around hips, prefer canvas loops on shotgun belt but not opposed to leather. If leather has bullet loops prefer 45lc, prefer no cross draws. 5.5" guns. Thanks for any help.
  5. Texas Lizard, would prefer working, no hammers, either on triggers prefer one, but 2 ok if reversed, prefer shorter but up to 26" would probably be OK. Thanks.
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