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  1. Yeah, guy made offer right when i signed in. Will let you know if it falls through.
  2. For sale very nice SKB 100 competition ready. Gunsmith work done by Roughneck Rod Dahl. 22” barrels and inertia trigger. $1450 plus shipping. Thanks.
  3. Chambers beveled and honed, all springs lightened, all internal parts polished & deburred, triggers reversed, action modified to stay open wide.
  4. Nice Remington SPR 220 12 Ga. SxS, lightly used, 20" barrels, gunsmith work completed by Roughneck Rod Dahl. Nice shotgun I just have 4 shotguns now so thinning herd a little. Asking $600 plus shipping. One slight "knick", shown in picture, near butt plate, lower portion of stock. Thanks.
  5. Hey, I got the last one but still not the first, sent you PM back, that I'd take aa discussed. Thanks.
  6. Polecat did you see my PM? Thanks
  7. Roger, could I get a copy of your Pedersoli rifle manual? I just bought one ans will receive this week. Thanks for any information.

    1. Blind Eye

      Blind Eye

      My email is: cedeubanks@mail.com

  8. I'll take the blackhawks.  I lost my FFL and need to find another.  Might take a day or two.  My info below.

    I'll let you know my new FFL info.  I will sent you a postal money order.  Confirm $825.00.


    Thanks Sir,


    Ron Gies 

    2614-25th Ave

    Greeley, Co.




    1. Sixty-Nine Cent Wizard

      Sixty-Nine Cent Wizard

      I'll take the Blackhawks, I lost my FFL and need to find another.  Might take a day or two.  My info is below.  I'll let you know my new FFL info.  I will send you a postal money order.  Confirm $825.00

      Thanks Sir,




      Ron Gies

      2614-25th Ave.

      Greeley, Co




    2. Blind Eye

      Blind Eye

      Sounds great, $825.00 confirmed! Thanks, I'll mark as SPF.


      My info below:

      Charles Eubanks

      109 S. Adams St

      Lavaca, AR 72941


      Phone: 479-461-9038

      Email: cedeubanks@mac.com


      Thanks again!

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