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  1. Just looking for your input on why my items are not selling. I have advertised two Lee Pro 1,000 shell plate carriers (45acp and 38 spl) for several weeks. I am now down to $40 each AND STILL NO BUYERS. I think the price is good. The items are certainly viable in terms of caliber. Where the heck am I going wrong? Have at it, pards. I'm not easily offended.
  2. Nothing particularly thematic...just wall facades with windows, doors, counters.
  3. Scratching my head over a new stage design. Our club has a "hangman's" stage that is about 6 ft. off the ground, with 2 sets of stairs and a weak railing. The thing is very much in decline and the range wants removed. HOWEVER, the range board is fine with us salvaging the platform which is very solid (approx. 10 ft. by 12 ft.) and left over lumber, and using it to build a cowboy stage at another spot on the range. The range said the platform must be no more than one step off the ground AND MUST be something non-cowboy shooters can use. No roof. I would sure like to hear or see a couple
  4. Ok. This goes to vidette - aka Picket. Please send me an email to rfey@bsu.edu with your full name, address, etc. Without knowing your address, I am guessing the postage to be under $10 . I plan to put it between 2 sheets of cardboard and in a shipping envelop.
  5. This is the blue / post 9-11 poster. Good condition with no tack holes. This is an original - brought home from my office while in law enforcement. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  6. Our club dropped its SASS membership several years ago. I would like to see if we can renew our membership with SASS. Please direct me to the site where I can get information on the renewal process. Thanks.
  7. Life happens and things change. This sharp western shirt was never worn. It is primarily tan in color. The designs/print is black, rust, and green. The size is L. I am selling for $20 plus shipping. See pictures of front and back below. I sold a somewhat heaver shirt several days ago and it shipped from Indiana to Kansas in a priority mailing carton for a little over $10. Please, check or money order. I do not have a Paypal account. Feel free to email me at rfey@bsu.edu Thanks.
  8. I have two Lee Pro 1000 carriers for sale. One is for 45 acp. The other is 38 spl. The price is $30 each, plus shipping. IF YOU PURCHASE BOTH - I will sell for $50, plus shipping. The 38 spl. was used VERY little. The 45acp probably 500 rounds. Both in the box. OR WILL TRADE BOTH for a gently used set of Lee carbide dies for 9mm. While you should respond here - please also respond to me also via email at rfey@bsu.edu because I will see that first. Thanks. Check or money order only. No Paypal One is depicted below.
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