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  1. Almost looks like wood was burned to get the stripes, certainly isn’t natural.
  2. My bank Acc. Is glad I don’t live closer! Sweet pistola..
  3. Bottom line here is you have to put a price on it ? How much!
  4. Yep, JM stamped 1895 CB in 45-70 GOV’T, 26” Octagon barrel, full mag tube, standard barrel sights with Montana Vintage Arm base for tang sight. Smooth action with crisp trigger, Minor handling marks, small ding on fore end. See pics. $1350.00 obo plus shipping (approx $80). Or facetoface in central Az. CowTown-Prescott area.
  5. For sale pair of Stainless Evil Roy .357 5.5 pistols. These appear to be unfired and in perfect condition. Springs have been changed to Slix Springs, original spings included in boxes along with all ppwork. Guns are NOT consecutive sn. xx79 and xx68. $1800.00 + shipping to your FFL or facetoface in central AZ. 4 click load 5 for safety!
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