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  1. Here’s a link I researched https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3819358/ S16 E13
  2. Just watched an episode of How it’s Made where the covered the building of a 73 rifle at an Italian mfg. neat episode
  3. Well I talked to Taylor today. A significant difference (possibly) between Pedersolsi and Uberti: Pedersoli uses machined grooves in their bbls Uberit uses the "button" process The guy at Taylor asked, "Will you be shooting over 300 yds?" I had to reply honestly, I have no idea, I'm just thinking here. I plan to move within a year and have no idea of the range at side matches where I'll be moving to. His reply was if coming up on 300 yds consider Pedersoli, if at 500+, make that your choice. He also shared with how the triggers operated differently. (
  4. And by this, I don't want to discount anyone. I lost the urge to hunt for hunting’s sake decades ago. you would think being paid to hunt whitetail as a PT job would be great. It’s not. The purpose was to decrease the herd on the ranch due to disease. You get off your day job then head to the ranch that hired you. You come in later with 5 or 6. They’re upset because they are expecting 10. Culling is a necessary evil at times, and can impact a man for his life when he’s had to fulfill that role.
  5. By FA hogs do you mean FL hogs? I’m a cracker and have done hogs for decades. Much has been made of them likening to dangerous game even. I laugh. Yes, you get stupid they can hurt you. When I had to eradicate numbers of them daily after work, my preferred method was by bow (it didn’t spook them). My friend has one mounted that he took by knife from a tree branch. I would view 38-55 or 45-70 as serious overkill.
  6. OK I have decided on a high wall in 45-70 (I think). As I have been so pleased with offerings from Taylor & Co., They have both Pedersoli and Uberti. They seem with basic research to share a lot of the same manufacturing. Talk to me,,,, Why one over the other for the price difference?
  7. Another reason I lost keenness (is that a word) on the 38-55 are what I have read as inconsistent bore diameters.
  8. Well for cartridge, I was looking at 38-55, so let’s say that or 45-70 (no other 45 cals). I’m at 99% towards 45-70. Recoil is not an issue as I plan to be loading for it. so why a 38-55 instead? Brass is harder to locate. bbls plenty heavy enough, so let’s say 30 if both 30 and 32 are available. now to action. Pros cons on trapdoor vs high wall. Let’s not worry about period specific aspects.
  9. Hello everyone, No immediate decision to be made (at least a year out), but was pondering getting something for long range side matches. I know those can differ greatly (thus why the topic is titled longer LOL). I am not even certain if where I am moving to (another unknown right now) will have those side matches. But lets just say, I'm considering a single shot large bore. Though I am not reloading now, I have extensively before, so not by any means adverse (just waiting until the move to acquire the tools again). Most likely I will not be loading BP when I do start.
  10. It’s been over a month, but the wound is still fresh and raw. We had to put down 1 of our dogs (unrecoverable heart issue). True to form, Tucker remained silly and smiling till the end. pics of his last day.
  11. Talking of dogs, one of mine, a loveable 90lb nose of a mutt, had some heart issues last month (to the tune of enough money to buy a whole SASS setup including leather). Well he went into distress again last night. Took him to the vet, and they upped the medicine dosage. I love this dog (though he loves my wife more than I). Going to spend more time with him as I don't know how much is left.
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