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  1. Of course, Ol Yeller is the Std. But has anyone watched The Art of Racing in the Rain? I’m watching it again and still teary eyed.
  2. My favorite is my wife. She puts up with my musicianship as well as this new found addiction.
  3. Got it. Works well for par times. How about something for timing dry fires?
  4. Ok for an IPhone app, and I willling to pay, what should I get? Some mentioned don’t even exist it seems as not in Applestore
  5. I’m looking for something to train to and record, not save, performance as a beginner. Id like to track transitions as well as dry fires ( elapsed time to complete a stage). pretty sure I’ll order a Pocket Pro 2, as well as get a cheaper good app. I’m not going to totally lowball practice as a newbie when ammo is so scarce. Any video would be secondary as I have another tool for that if desired.
  6. What timer would you suggest for practice? Both dry and live fire as well as transitions?
  7. It was an americanized name. What it truly was, was complex and not used.
  8. Talking of dogs, one of mine, a loveable 90lb nose of a mutt, had some heart issues last month (to the tune of enough money to buy a whole SASS setup including leather). Well he went into distress again last night. Took him to the vet, and they upped the medicine dosage. I love this dog (though he loves my wife more than I). Going to spend more time with him as I don't know how much is left.
  9. Shotgun is ordered and will be shipped to a cowboy gunsmith. Timing? You tell me and we will both know.
  10. Well 2 things: 1. Found a shotgun, 2. Got a holler from Longhunter. My short stroked Running Irons should be shipping next week. Fingers crossed on leather and ammo. I could be shooting my 1st full match come Dec.
  11. All I know is I attended LFI in the 80s and he was quite gracious and informative.
  12. Oh, hat arrived today. Some roper style boots coming tomorrow (nope I’m not wearing my dress boots to the range- plus I wanted a lower heel ). now to read SASS rules again, but I recall Henley shirts are acceptable. That would be preferred in the tropics I live in known as FL.
  13. Actually looking for a non hammered coach. I’m on a waiting list. Just ordered leather. I’m certain the revolvers will get here before the leather. I have the feeling the shotgun will be last, and that’s ok. I’m not 100% comfortable borrowing peoples leather and revolvers. Borrowing their shotgun, nope no issues LOL
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