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  1. It gets better; there is some SoB brass which is Berdan primed... No Cheers, FJT
  2. Choose a bike with a solid frame, good geometry, good suspension, and adequate horsepower. You can always clutch up, hank on the throttle, and get the front end up. With today's modern sport bikes, that last will not be a problem. Dirt bikes are the easiest, and best suited to the stunt. And, armor up. The learning curve can be a bit intimidating. Oh - and don't be an asshat and do it on the highways. Cheers, FJT
  3. Storm the Gates of Heaven for you, Allie! Sincerely, FJT
  4. Ahhh - sailing. My ode to nautical naughtiness:
  5. Allie - You know you are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Best, FJT
  6. Congratulations, Widder! Couldn't happen to a better guy... Cheers, FJT
  7. I have mentored new shooters at nearly every match I have shot, in the last 8 months. Tough time to get into the sport, but the interest here seems to be growing! Cheers, FJT
  8. W3G was GREAT fun; so is Wild Bunch. Each contains specific challenges, and each adds spice and variety to the overall game that is Cowboy Action Shooting. Just need bodies for writing stages and hucking steel, and I'll be there.... Cheers, FJT
  9. One of the most completely enjoyable shooting/dancing/partying experiences that I have ever had in Cowboy Action Shooting. Great to see so many old friends, and make new ones. Outstanding job, T-Bone & Co.! Cheers, FJT
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