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  1. The Ploughboys end "Wild Colonial Boy" with these verses: "Come all of you Australians And Irish, and Americans, too You have no rights that your government Would not gladly strip from you So remember Jack, and Ned Kelly, too If your freedoms, you enjoy Never fear to fight for them, Like the Wild Colonial Boy." Cheers, FJT
  2. I understand the desire to open the game up to as many as possible. Like many others, I ran matches for years with an "open" class, allowing any SASS legal rifle and shotgun. A few ultimately made the move to WB, but I don't recall more than 3 taking advantage of the category. In addition to the record turnout at EoT last year, at the European Championships this year, there were 130 WB shooters out of a capped 360 total participants. That's almost 40% participation, in an environment where securing the needed additional firearms is REALLY difficult. So, when it is watered, WB ain't dead. It is disingenuous to say you can run a power factored .45 rifle the same speed as a cowboy loaded .38. There may be a few freaks who can, but I surely can't. I've tried it. Shooters who have purchased firearms at significant cost, procured components, developed loads, and invested in the game have a right to feel a bit stiffed, don't you think? Imagine the outrage if Classic Cowboy, or B Western became "Run What Ya Brung." I don't think either of those have the numbers combined at Winter Trail or End of Range, or whatever they're calling it, now, that WB demonstrated. I get that it is a game, and it belongs to SASS. Whether or not the changes will swell the ranks is yet to be seen. But don't belittle those who sweated and invested to make it what is is, so far. Cheers, FJT
  3. I know there are others, but... When we filmed "Duel In The Sun", for "Shooting Gallery," the episode that pitted 3 top 3-Gun shooters against 3 top Cowboy Action shooters, Bud did exactly that. On camera. Even more impressively, he had to go back to his belt, while the birds were still in the air. He still nailed them, both. Look it up. I had the pleasure of timing Red Knee for a whole bunch of runs, one year at the speed side matches at EoT, New Mexico. Wow. And, I have to compete against that freak of nature that is Hell's Comin.' Sigh. I just shot with Single Barrel, last weekend. Simply unbelievable. Cheers, A very fumble-fingered FJT
  4. 2nd grade, in a parochial school, in a little town. The principal came in, informed us the president had been shot, and we had a few moments of prayer, then got back to work. I have a clearer memory of the funeral, which we watched, as a family. I was bored out of my gourd, and wanted to go outside to play, but my dad insisted we all watch it, saying that this was world history, and we would want to be a witness to it. Solemnly, FJT
  5. Don't do it. Put in a lighter spring, and you won't even notice it. But, don't take it out. Please. Cheers, FJT
  6. As one of them funny talkers, I resemble that comment... ;-) FJT
  7. I just spoke to him last week, and sent a shooter who needed a good rifle to him. He's still in the game! Cheers, FJT
  8. It is great fun! The match is excellent and extremely well-run, the people very friendly and welcoming, and the setting is spectacular. Traveling with firearms is a bit of a chore, but completely do-able. You'll want to contact the pertinent authorities of the country to which you are traveling - next year DoT is in Sweden - and your carrier, submit a list of firearms that you'll be bringing - the cap will be four, for most nations - and remember you can only carry 11 pounds of ammo on most flights, so leave the .45s home. Expect to pay a bit for the extra baggage. The Euros can sell you excellent shotshells which are perfect for the task. Do the paperwork in advance, and it will be no more work than getting the temporary EU visa which will be required, starting in 2024. A significant percentage of the folks you will run into speak at least passable English, some even better than I do. And cowboys are cowboys, wherever you go. Be polite and follow the cowboy way, and you'll find a very warm cowboy welcome. I hope to have an article in the upcoming Chronicle. Cheers, FJT
  9. 1. Dry fire. A lot. You have to be able to work the mechanism rapidly, to shoot fast. So, do so. Except for the time spent, and the reasonable wear on your rifle, this is free. 2. Practice at the range. A lot. You have to put lead on steel, to find your limits, and then stretch them. This is where you make the dry firing pay off. 3. Shoot matches. A lot. Practice is essential, but consequence free. You need to find your match speed, where you run your guns hard, but rope it in enough to make the steel ring. Practice ain't the same as this. Commit. Get back to us in a year, and let us know how it goes. Cheers, FJT
  10. Congrats, cowboy! I knew you way back when; and I'm still a Phan... Cheers, FJT
  11. Doc, I believe you may be correct. That makes this an even more stellar accomplishment! Whoo-YEAHHH!!!!! Cheers, FJT
  12. Once again, you all did a great job. Very inventive and creative stages, with plenty of movement and variety. Nothing silly, just a few interesting twists, that make El Dorado unique and fun. We'll be back. Cheers, FJT
  13. I thought it was a great match, too! Lots of inventive ideas, and nothing you couldn't zip through, with just a wee bit of thought. My only complaint was the shady characters they let into the match... Cheers, FJT
  14. "Days of Truth," the SASS European Regional. This year it was held in Phillipsburg, Germany. It hosted 360 shooters, and it sold out in less than 24 hours. Watch the Chronicle for an upcoming report... Cheers, FJT
  15. There is a lot to be said for personal preference. But, consider the advantages of the longest sight radius possible, when shooting stages with knockdowns, or distant pistol targets. I have not noted any difference in the time out of the holster between 4 3/4 and 5 1/2. But I have noticed that the longer sight radius comes in handy, now and again. And, whatever you practice with will become natural, after a few hundred rounds down range. Cheers, FJT
  16. Glad to hear that all is going as well as the circumstances allow. A prayer up, and a shout out from the left coast. Cheers, FJT
  17. The newest Ubertis have at last gotten around to milling that channel in the bottom of the bolt, and installing a replaceable tab. If yours doesn't already have that channel, it might be worth it to either buy a new bolt, or have your 'smith modify the existing part. It'll cost about the same... Cheers, FJT
  18. From the Ruger Website: "Tubular magazine features a loading gate located on the receiver and will accept 10 rounds of .44 Rem Mag or 11 rounds of .44 Special ammunition. " Cheers, FJT
  19. Hilary was a bit of a disappointment to the apocalypse mongers. Adding a 5.1 earthquake in the midst of the event did bump it up a notch. But just a bit. The "Hurri-quake." :-) Cheers, FJT
  20. I'm just here for the party. Three generations of motorcyclists in my little clan...
  21. For those who are curious about such things, this time, I chose NOT to take firearms with me. Travel restrictions and baggage limitations forced me to make a choice - should I take a guitar, as I was the entertainment for the Match banquet, and borrow firearms, or take firearms, and rent/borrow a guitar? Borrowing or renting musical instruments can be pretty chancy. I chose to rely on the kindness of strangers for the firearms, and deal with whatever the results were. I was there for the party. Though a few things were not exactly as hoped for, things did work out. Pay attention to the high points, though, if you choose to leave your cello or accordion at home. You can legally take a suite of up to four firearms, at the courtesy of the carrier. That will probably be Lufthansa, so get in touch with them MONTHS in advance, and get permission in writing. Do NOT do this upon arrival at the airport, ok? If you do choose, remember; use a locked, hardshell case, no ammo with guns, same as the US. There will likely be a special transport fee, so be prepared to add that to the cost of the trip. Their shotgun ammo is terrific, and they have several brands and loads which work as well or better than the Winchester/Remington that we normally use. So, purchase S/G ammo there. Ditto the cowboy loads, although you'll be able to slide under their weight restrictions if you take about 280 rds of typical .38. If you shoot .45, find a local supplier. Here are some links with the important details. It is VERY doable, if you follow the protocols. https://www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition https://www.ice.gov/investigations/astp/faq https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/information-about-dangerous-goods Cheers! FJT
  22. Hey, folks; I'm headed home, after about the best week of Cowboy Action Shooting anyone could ever hope for, the Days Of Truth European Cowboy Championnships. I'll be writing an upcoming article for the SASS Chronicle, where you can get more details, but for now, here are the highlights. With 360 shooters, this event was nearly twice the size of the SASS Western Regional, which is where this game began. And the event was limited by the size of the facility to "only" 360 competitors. The event sold out in under 24 hours. ELEVEN nations were represented by shooters. Sadly, there was only one American on hand. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Their Wild Bunch match featured 130 shooters, making it the LARGEST Wild Bunch Match outside of the US, with nearly 40% of ALL participants!. Way back in 2010 and 20011, I went over there to help give European shooting a kick in the tail, and offered a Cowboy Action Shooting Class, to show how we do things in the US. (You can find the results of that event in the September and October 2010 issues of the Chronicle, here:) https://www.sassnet.com/resources/cowboy-chronicle A dozen years later...this. They have a load of shooters who can compete with anyone in the US. Every kid under about 30 is shooting 2-second rifle strings. This was the best SASS event I have ever attended. It was GREAT! I am so jet-lagged, hung over and exhausted...I'll let that speak for itself. But, trust me; I'm going back. Cheers! FJT
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