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  1. http://www.gunstands.com/pistol.htm Fort Sandflats Products, the above link should take you there. I've gotten two stands from him and am really pleased with his work. He's even down in your neck of the woods.
  2. If you want to make a bold statement with your holster rig, here's just the knife to slip onto your belt. Knife is 14 3/4" overall with a 10" blade. The blade is 2" wide at the widest section and the steel is 3/8" thick - as mentioned, this is a BIG knife! There is no maker or insignia inscribed on the blade and as you'll note from the pictures it has a full length tang and a handle that I believe is walnut. On one side of the handle it has what would appear to be a brass name plate but it does not appear that anything was ever inscribed on this plate. The sheath is pretty striking as well with a 5" fringe all down the back edge and "Indian chief" motif on the front. On the back of the sheath is stamped "Zoe's Custom Leather Works MAKER". This will fit on anything up to a 4" wide belt so shouldn't be a problem getting it onto any rig you have. $75 plus shipping in the US. Send me a PM if interested, thanks.
  3. The Triple K website says this belt is 2 1/4", but the actual measurement of the width is 2 1/8".
  4. ***Sold*** For sale is this Triple K Model 740-M belt in what the manufacturer calls "Walnut Oil" - looks brown to me. It's their "medium" size and measures 33" first hole to 38" last hole. There are 25 loops on the belt for .45 cartridges. $30 plus shipping in the US. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  5. ***Sold Pending Funds*** I bought this set of cap pistols off the wire here about four years ago from Lefty Dude. These have both had the internals polished, the hand spring modification, the hammer springs replaced w/Colt clone 1873 springs, and a set of SlixShot nipples installed. I have very little experience with percussion pistols but I have owned a few others in the past and these are far and away much, much smoother shooting than any others I've ever used. Lefty did all the work on these and I can't imagine that anyone could find fault with the work done. I had thought I'd get into shooting cap pistols in matches but it just never happened so someone else may as well give these a try. One is a Pietta 1851 Navy Steel cl.36 with a date code of CM and the other is the Pietta 1851 Navy Yank cl.36 "Wild Bill Hickok" with a date code of CI. Both have the 7 1/2" barrel and come with the box and documents. The "Wild Bill Hickok" model is an exceptionally pretty gun, and I tried for quite a while after purchasing these to find another one just like it but it never happened. In addition to the pistols I'll include a set of holsters stamped "M.J. Keenan MAKER Tucson, Az" - both have this stamping on the front and one has "M.J. Keenan February 16, 2002" inscribed on the back. Also included will be a box of 100 .36 (.375") caliber balls, a leather bag with perhaps 25-30 balls ( I didn't count them), a wedge tool and one set of the standard nipples that came on the Pietta. IF you should happen to be close enough to north Georgia to arrange picking this package deal up, I will also throw in EITHER a can of 2F Goex that's about half full OR a can of 3F Goex that's about 3/4 full - whichever you'd like - AND - (it just keeps getting better.........!!) a couple of unopened tins (100 ea.) of Remington #10 caps. Obviously the powder and the caps will NOT be shipped if the package needs to be sent to you. All this for $850, plus shipping (within the US). Send me a PM if interested.
  6. I thought these would be gone in a jiffy at $65 shipped but I was incorrect. How about $50 shipped.
  7. Wanted to add that when mounted, the ivory grips hold solidly; there's no "play" in them at all from the sliver that's missing. I had them mounted on my NMV .45 and they went through many, many range sessions without ever feeling loose. It's a visual imperfection, and not terribly visible at that.
  8. ***SOLD*****Sold my last sheriff's model vaquero w/bird's head grip a few months ago and it doesn't look like I'll be replacing it. So these grips are up for sale: one set of Altamont faux ivory grips and one set of faux stag grips with the Ruger medallion. The stag grips are in excellent shape as you can see in the pictures. A previous owner of the ivory grips apparently decided prying them off was the only way to remove them and broke a chip out of the front inside of the right hand panel. Once they're installed, it's only visible when looking straight on at the pistol grip - but it IS an imperfection so wanted to point it out. Both sets for $65 ---- $50-------shipped within the US. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  9. I'll run this post by again - just in case there's someone else out there who might also think this is a nice case for carrying their rifle and missed it the first time around.
  10. Yes, it is a pretty leather case. I believe that when I purchased this several years ago, I was told that it was buffalo leather - I wouldn't know buffalo hide from rabbit fur (well....... maybe that) so I'm not going to say for sure that's what it is. But nevertheless, it is a pretty, and functional, rifle case.
  11. QDG, I sent an e-mail late yesterday to an address I have for you from a deal we did a couple of years ago - ended with sbcglobal............ Didn't hear anything back from you so I'm guessing this is no longer a good address.
  12. ***SPF***How about $100 shipped............. This is really a nice way to carry a rifle to the field Up for sale is this fringed suede leather rifle case/sheath/cover, whatever you want to call it. Measures 50" long and is about 6 1/2"-7" wide at the butt end tapering down to about 3 1/2" at the front. Rifles are in the picture just to give an idea of the relative size of the case and are, of course, not included. $100 plus shipping. Thanks
  13. ***Everything has Sold*************Sold my last bird's head grip, 3 1/2" barreled NMV a while back and have no further need of these holsters. The shoulder holster saw the most use, I really liked this one a lot, followed by the little belt holster with the basket weave stamping. But all were great holsters - just have no use for them now that I've gone to a Freedom Arms short-barreled Model 83 for my primary carry gun. All prices are plus shipping. How about $125 shipped, within the US, for the shoulder holster -- it's the only one left. Shoulder holster: John Wesley Hardin style with .45 loops. Maker is stamped in two places- "T. Christensen Maker Early Times Leather Co." Doesn't have tie-down straps like I've seen on most Hardin styled shoulder holsters, but it doesn't seem to need them as I never had any problems drawing the pistol. $125 Chest rig: no maker stamped anywhere on the leather but appears to be decently constructed. Only used it a few times as I preferred the shoulder holster. $75- SOLD small medium brown belt holster w/snap closure, basket-weave stamping, straight up carry position. Fits 1 1/2" belt, could probably squeeze a 1 3/4" through. $35 - SOLD - to QDG belt holster, dark brown with star decorations stamped on lower section. Heavy, stiff leather, fits up to 2 1/2" belt and has a forward cant carry position. $40 - SOLD Thanks
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