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  1. Welcome & Congratulations! Great big JEDI hugs! Scarlett JEDI #235
  2. It trickles in… I have NO IDEA about exporting. I’ll ask ShootersWorld. Is there a particular shop in AU? miss y’all! hugs! Scarlett
  3. I was at the match. I’ve been shooting since Dec 2012. I’m not sure I’ve EVER had as much fun AT A MATCH as I did this one. There were folks from 11-12 states. There were some extremely fun and unique side matches. It was NOT a bank breaker. It also SOLD OUT. Not in minutes like BT. The stages were sent to every shooter a month in advance! Some folks even set up the scenarios to practice the sweeps! I understand the question however, I find it tiresome that matches are judged yay or nay by the size of the steel. I’d take the match I shot this weekend over a lot of matches I’ve been to over the years because I, and the folks from far off, (on my posse and others) had FUN! I did NOT shoot my best match…I shot the most fun match I believe I’ve ever shot. Fine damn weekend if you ask me. Hugs! Scarlett PS why is the % of clean shooter the metric by which we “rate” matches?
  4. I clean my guns between matches always. I do that when I shoot smokeless too unless I’m crazy busy. I just shot FC at our state match … BP side match on Thursday, main match Fri/Sat. I cleaned my pistols and SG each day - stainless NMV and SKB 100 - and sprayed receiver really well on my 73 ran some patches through it and did a final full cleaning today. My pistols take 15 minutes each with PAM - peroxide, alcohol and Murphy’s Oil soap. The crud just runs off I don’t really even need a brush. SG is super easy, too. 73 takes me the longest and I will pull the bolt out every 24-30 stages to be proactive that it’s not gonna fail. Learned the hard way. It’s so much fun shooting the FC categories that the cleaning really isn’t much of a factor once you get used to it! Hugs! Scarlett
  5. @Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998 and his bride, Miss Jewel are the NICEST couple! I adore them both and they will welcome you with GREAT BIG OPEN ARMS!! Big hugs and welcome back! Scarlett
  6. I have never bought anything on FB - certainly not firearms. I’m very sorry for the new shooter. I know that MOST OF US cowfolk ARE honorable people however, I have a couple Customers who have been scammed/shortchanged/not gotten what they paid for via the SASS Wire Classifieds. Greed is an equal opportunity vice/sin and the lessons here are BUYER BEWARE! Especially now! Only deal with known entities or people that friends/shooting pals KNOW to be decent and honorable. Hugs! Scarlett
  7. If you’re wanting BP subs - APP 2F and 3F are in stock and with a few shipping issues should be at your house within a couple of weeks - 3 at the most. Let me know! Hugs! Scarlett
  8. I bought an XL 650 and a bunch of accessories from a pal a while back and one of the accessories was a Dillon primer tube filler. HATED it! Could not get it to work right and when it did work the 63rd primer would be upside down and my OCD brain had to start all over! so, I traded it for a MEC Jr! BEST trade I’ve ever made! Cowboy got the filler thing to work and I got a MEC! I don’t mind hunt and peck but at gonna look into this gadget! Thanks for sharing it! Hugs! Scarlett
  9. The quote below fits this moment perfectly... There is no traffic in the extra mile. - Zig Ziglar Hugs! Scarlett
  10. Well, @Tennessee williams you beat me to it! I came on here to post a BIG THANK YOU to SASS and @Misty Moonshine. I, too, am continually impressed by Misty's leadership. Great big hugs! Scarlett
  11. The only advantage I can see for your wife at the side match was that she could have both pistols out at the same time - only GF can do that…saving her the transition time. at my first EOT (2019) I was shooting GF. There were 6 vertical targets 3 and 3. I drew both pistols aimed at the targets and 100% chickened out and shot double duelist! Great big GF hugs! Scarlett PS. WHY can’t folks READ and put into PRACTICE the RULES!
  12. I have bullet customers who use the hi-tek bullets with APP substitute (full disclosure - I sell it in USA) AND real black... I, however, don't recommend using the Hi-Tek with real black - because if I tell you you can and you don't get appropriate results ....@Ruff Kut was doing some testing with real black and hi-tek polymer coated bullets... It MAY only mean swabbing the barrel between stages or whatever... I replied because there's ALWAYS conflicting information with us cowboys... some do and some don't some will some won't.... You may just have to do some testing. One thing I will tell you about shooting FCGF... it will make you a better shooter. I am much more careful about "the fundamentals" when I am shooting BP and can get a little sloppy when shooting smokeless. And... IT IS WAY MORE FUN!!! Hitting targets you cannot see? Priceless!! Have fun and let us know what you decide and how it all worked! Hugs, Scarlett
  13. Bless y'alls HEARTS! Y'all that use GRITS for filler and not for EATIN' haven't had GRITS prepared properly! Hugs! Scarlett
  14. Point taken - and I agree - have a BW category Open and Ladies... the Senior/Silver Senior etc... breakouts that I find excessive... Now its MY turn to get the push back... I know I know "our sport is aging" and those folks want to win... and, go NO MORE than 3-5 deep. Hugs, Scarlett
  15. It was fun! The banquet was, in my hubby’s opinion, the best one he’d been to in a long time! Really fun and BEAUTIFUL Buckles for champions and runners up, too! hugs! Scarlett
  16. @Tennessee williams get the popcorn! BW and Classic Cowboy? Seriously? Ages 10 apart is good. Hugs! Scarlett
  17. I love shooting at The Pass! I really hope I can make this match. Hugs! Scarlett
  18. I’m almost Senior age however, I don’t see myself moving to Senior… so many age based category breakouts from 60-75+. As for SASS/CAS being a dying sport… that is WRONG. I gave @Misty Moonshine a block of 300 or so postcards to put in new member packets since I’m an Affiliated Merchant… she said, “This will last about a WEEK”. A week! If WE WOULD STOP saying “it’s dying etc…” and be POSITIVE about the sport… we might have a different perspective. HUGS! Scarlett
  19. I don’t think you’re a minimalist! You absolutely dress cowboy. I started in BW and love the costuming! Then, my feet hurt with the boots so I switched to LGF and wear the Ariat lacers. MOST ladies that I know and shoot with wear “proper” dress. There are some men (the spectrum of ages) who wear the minimum - and I’m ok with that. However, the SHOES have gotten out of hand. There are a lot of lug soles etc. However, if match directors don’t do anything about it… Hugs, Scarlett
  20. I don’t think it’s so much the number of categories so much as places. I agree with @Longhunter sass #26602 and @Slick McCladeabout 3-5 deep. However, the match I’m at now has 2 LGF and 3 Senior LGF and 2 LBW and 3-4 Senior LBW. I don’t see why those categories can’t be combined… some will say, “of course you don’t mind, Scarlett! You’re the world Champion LFCGF” yeah, but if my cowgirl friend had shot clean, She would be the champion and not me… it was very close. They needed some help in LBW and asked if I could shoot LBW and I say sure! The MD said they didn’t have a buckle for LFCGF… it’s a regional match and I am not from the region… I should NOT get a buckle… I love this game and the people who play it so much. Hugs! Scarlett
  21. Phantom - I believe you are going to be at the SW Regional. I’m already here. OBVIOUSLY, you haven’t gotten one of my hugs… Stop by my tent under the big ass oak tree and let’s fix that…then you’ll see what all the “Hug fuss” is about! Seriously, I agree with you. I spent a LOT of money - as a shooter AND the Wild Bunch Stage Sponsor (largest sponsorship I have ever done). Mernickle sponsored the Bingo and gave that fancy buckle as well as sponsoring every junior shooter as well as that fancy custom rig… Taylor’s, Ruger, EMF… Dillon and others all gave a LOT of money. Had Bullets By Scarlett been the award sponsor and my name were on the cowboy trophy? I would have been disappointed. Virtual hugs until we meet in person, Scarlett
  22. Thank you, Yul!!! You’re such a wonderful supporter of all things SASS… especially the LADIES! Hugs (and a kiss on the CHEEK) Scarlett
  23. I have removed my extractor several times and have been able to reuse mine every time. They’re handy little gadgets!
  24. I’m with @Captain Bill Burt never seen one bent like that. Here are pictures of the jig that @Not Dead Ed mentioned. They’re handy tools for removing extractor pin and cleaning under extractor. hugs! Scarlett
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