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  1. This is very true! Big hugs! Scarlett
  2. My husband and I represent EAR, Inc and do the custom silicone ear protection. We make them at matches we attend. We are factory trained by the owners of the company. We use medical grade silicone putty and insert it in the ear using a syringe - allows us to get deeper in the ear but still not to the ear drum. You can’t block out all noise because our bones conduct noise...granted, I sell these ear plugs however, I also use them every time I shoot (started shooting 2012) and I do not have any measurable or noticeable hearing loss. Big hugs! Scarlett
  3. Rugged Gear has a huge line of accessories for folks who have ATVs or build/modify their own gun carts. If you decide on Rugged Gear parts, use code BU0770 and it will save you 10%! Big hugs! Scarlett
  4. I’ve gotten some orders like you mentioned and they are much appreciated. It’s hard.... but I’m hanging in! I’m stubborn that way! If you do splurge on a new gun cart... you can save 10% at Rugged Gear by using the code BU0770. It’s good for online orders and will also save you 10% on accessories. Can’t wait to be able to redeem all the FREE HUG WITH PURCHASE rain checks I’ve given out! Thanks for the support! Big virtual hugs until real ones are “safe” (I know I’m taking my life in my hands EVERY time I hug my cowboys! Scarlett
  5. Tequila you are so sweet! Yes.... I give socially distanced hugs right now with RAIN CHECKS for for when this mess is over! As for APP, I am the SASS rep for APP...since Winter Range when I finalized the arrangement with Brett. If you need APP Please email me at Bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com. Or call me/text 843-833-0770 I don’t yet have it on my website - but I’ll do that. Minimum order is one case @$264 delivered ($22/pound). With additional cases - price goes down a bit. We ship 1, 2 and 4 cases. I promise you’ll get a prompt response from me...and you Free Hug with Purchase...EVENTUALLY! Big hugs! Scarlett
  6. Lord knows I tried to buy that Stagecoach! A fella in Delaware made it! His alias escapes me... I actually travel a little lighter than all ‘em folks on the stage! Big hugs! Scarlett
  7. Alias: Scarlett Darlin’ SASS# 96680 Lexington, SC Started Shooting December 2012
  8. The information is valuable however, some pages have not been updated in over 10 years and some as recent as three years ago... just so folks are aware. Scarlett
  9. I love mine! I need more! I'll order some before the Virginia match! hugs, Scarlett
  10. I've got a buscadero rig from Bulldog Jackson (Jackson's Western Store, Asheville, SC). I love it ...but the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE? Lipstick holster! Wish I had a picture to post!
  11. It matters where the lead comes from... foundry... where I get mine... or scrap, Linotype, wheel weights... it's a quality control issue, too.
  12. A shout out to my sweet Gunfighter friend, Widowmaker Hill! Tommy and I finally got to shoot our .22 Henry's with your "soft stroke" and Slater's triggers! What fun they are! SMOOTH and FUN!! I wonder if I can sneak past the loading officer and shoot the Henry instead of my Widdermatic .32 H & R Marlin? They're used to me loading through the tube already! haha Seriously, this game is full of wonderful folks and a lot of them are shooters and gunsmiths - Surly Dave, WIdder, Slater, Three Cut, Fast Eddie, Boomstick Jay, Jimmy Spurs... and, seems I have a special place in my heart for cowboys...and gunsmiths!
  13. I just picked up TWO loading blocks in Virginia from Missouri Marshall and I LOVE them!! Beautiful, well made!! You should get some!
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