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  1. Believe it ir not Army and Air Force ratings are just a confusing to me. Enlisted Navy Dress uniforms have a rating badge on the left shoulder that not only tells you what rank that person is but also what his general speciality is. Interactive link that explains Enlisted Ratings: Insignia and Duties Offercers and enlisted Naval Aviators wear additional special insignia as part of their uniforms. A breakdown can be found here Non dress uniform insignia only tells you a persons rank. If they have earned a special warfare qualification then that will also be worn on their uniform. Never was a Sea Bee so I don't much about them other than the det in Rota could throw some wild trash can parties. At least that is what I was told Aboard an Aircraft Carrier you know who's who on the aviation side by the color of their flight deck jersey, float coat and cranial. Jersey color denotes a general skill and the cranial color will denote specialities within that group. Squadron affiliation is usually stencilled on the jersey and float coat. One unique things that the Navy does is to train every last person on the ship how to fight fire. All personnel permanently assigned to a ship (ships company) are also trained in basic damage control. Fire fighting class is a week long and you spend a good part of the training actually fighting fires. Class covers compartment and confined space fires below deck as well as aircraft fires on deck if your assignment is to a ship capable of handling aircraft including helos or if you are assigned to a deploying squadron. It also included how to fight fires where live ordinance is involved. Requirement came about after the USS Forestall incident. Back then only a select few were trained to fight fires and all of them were injured or killed in the three massive explosions that occurred as a result of the initial fire. I had the class three times over the course of my career. Each time I learned something new and had a lot of fun.
  2. Day 1 : The Navy gets into position Day 2 : Using our surface ships and subs we launch cruise missiles to take out enemy command and control. Day 3: Because we have Aircraft Carriers instead of getting permission to establish a base we commence launching planes and establish air superiority. Day 4: Again using our ships we drop off the Marines so they can establish a beach head from which to begin kicking @$$ Day 5: The Sea Bees arrive to start rebuilding the runways taken out on days 2 and 3. Day 6 : The Marines have finished off most of the real resistance and the Sea Bees finish their reconstruction. Day 7 : The Army and Air Force finally arrive. The Navy and Marines have a Steel Beach picnic. When called upon to provide disaster relief we can deliver anywhere in the world it is needed. Our ships are capable of providing enough excess electricity, fresh water, hot meals, and full service medical/dental care to satisfy the needs of a mid sized city or small country. :D :D Aviation Electronics Technician First Class (Air Warfare) USN Ret,
  3. Dang if I know and I have only been out 15 years. As near as I can figure it is a promotion ceremony as that is the only way I can figure for the mixed insignia. BTW Last promotion ceremony I was in that is not how mine were "pinned" on. What is even more confusing is they are wearing khaki colored shirts. When I was last in Khakis were only worn by Chiefs and officers. Read the regulations and now I am even more befuddled. So many traditions are already out the window makes me wonder why all the hoopla about this. Glad I got out before the kinder, gentler, military took over.
  4. Contact Boomstick Jay. I know he has done a few short strokes / transfer bar removals on Rugers. www.boomstickarms.com
  5. Tell Santa to drop a few of those my way. They sure look good.
  6. Remmington STS hull, Fed or Win primers, 700X and a Claybuster 12-0175 pink wad. In a blind test they feel just like LNLR AAs. Load these for my better half. As long as I do my part they have never failed to take care of any KD. No need to use more powder or shot than necessary to get the job done. Published load data here For factory loads I shoot Federal Top Gun Extra Lite Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 7/8 oz #8 Shot. They shuck reliably in both of my SXS and my 87. At $6.99 a box or less when on sale you cannot beat the price.
  7. My mistake I did not realize there were two different shooting disciplines. I purposely did not use the rules on BPCR.net because there is no date stating when they were last updated. The rule book on the NRA site was revised in March 2016 Link to the correct discipline rule book NRA Rifle Silhouette Rules. Section 3 covers Equipment. 3.4 is BPCR
  8. Don't want the moderators after me. Although part of me still thinks this is a hoax.
  9. Wonder if the coyote would consider castration more humane than a bullet? IMNSHO the stresses associated with capture, transportation, castration are not what I would consider humane.
  10. Bombs dropping on US cities or the Panama Canal would have likely diverted US assets and had a detrimental effect on moral. Sometimes the psychological impact far outweighs the strategic one. Doolittle's raid on mainland Japan is a good example, The bombs themselves it caused no strategic damage but had a significant impact to moral on both sides. It also forced a change in how Japan deployed its forces.
  11. Le génie humain a des bornes, Mais la sottise n’en a pas.
  12. Shotgun buttstock goes against the shoulder like you are probably used to. A crescent buttstock actually gets mounted to your extreme upper arm right at the joint. The Toe of the buttstock (Lower point) goes into your armpit and not against your chest. A dozen rounds is not too bad. Shooting close to 100 is a different story.
  13. Had they been successful they could have caused some real havoc. Doubt they would have changed the outcome of the war but they might have prolonged it.
  14. Were it not for the 15 min rule on GB, you would see the sniping crap that occurs on Ebay. I for one like that feature on GB. I too place my Max and let the system do its thing. It is fun to watch the snipers try to out bid me.
  15. Do yourself and those next to you a huge favor and have the SG checked to be sure it is safe to shoot ORIGINAL BP loads in. If the smith proves it safe then ONLY shoot it with real BP. Smokeless powder has a completely different pressure curve and should never be used in firearms not designed for smokeless. Definitely do not use substitutes in it as some are hotter than real BP and could over pressure the barrel. Metalurgy was hit or miss prior to the early 1900s. You could be holding a ticking time bomb in your hands. For clarification: 1887 was released in both 10 and 12 ga BP only. Model 1901 was released in 10 ga for use with early smokeless shells. 12 ga Model 1901 was never released.
  16. Which ever you buy be sure it has a shotgun style buttstock and not a crescent. The Crescent may look cool but it can be brutal. Lots of good info here www.BPCR.net I made a mistake and did not realize there were two different shooting disciplines. Link to the correct discipline rule book NRA Rifle Silhouette Rules. Section 3 covers Equipment. 3.4 is BPCR Original link is to the NRA Black Powder target Rifle Rules
  17. Why problems were you having with your Rugers?
  18. From National Geographic online. Why Cats Poop on Your Bed and Other Odd Pet Behaviors Has this ever happened to you??? It has never happened to me because I don't own a cat.
  19. You sir got bilked for $20.00. Only time a TPMS stem has to be replaced is if it is inoperative per an NTSB mandate.
  20. Noon Saturday it was 72 by 7 PM it was 32. This morning it was 18 with the wind chill hovering just above 0. By Twin Cities standards those temps would be a heat wave but here in North TX it is a mite chilly
  21. Late 90s Chrysler Town and Country with a V6 that required the same thing to gain access to one Spark plug. The other 5 were accessible. We bought the van used with all the service records. No issues till we moved out of state then started having engine trouble. Took it to a mechanic and when they removed the back center sparkplug they found electrode had been worn down so far that it was recessed a half an inch into the plug body. The other 5 had normal wear. They theorized the plug hadn't been changes since the car was new. Only cost us $300.00 to find that out.
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