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  1. Dunno. I have a wife, kids, home, and job, but I don't know if I ever grew up. I shouldn't assume you did either!
  2. I have thought for a while that I'd like to be Dusty "when I grow up."
  3. Any interest in a mix of loaded ammo and brass, or do you just want brass? I have 25 rounds and 22 brass from Black Hills Ammo (all Starline headstamped) and 50 rounds Starline headstamped that I believe were commercially loaded but I don't know the manufacturer (they have labels and a warranty on the box, but nothing identifying the manufacturer). All have 210 grain lead bullets, but different profiles for the two lots. I'm not giving it away, but if you're interested at $100 shipped, let me know. I'd prefer payment through GunTab (I'll cover their base fee) but will consider other options. PM me if you want pics.
  4. What's the barrel length? It looks short. Did it come from the factory this length? And does the price include shipping, or is that extra? I'm not buying it, but I'm sure somebody is wondering.
  5. Can you provide pictures of the soles?
  6. Y'all do realize what ya have here, right? Even if you can still run across a Stoeger here and there, Johnny ain't makin' them no more!
  7. Kidd, I'd also be interested in a pic or info on the homemade tumbler, if you can send it to me too.
  8. You may want to check the spelling in the title...
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