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  1. Here is a pair of Indian moccasins. They are covered with numerous beads. I made these many years ago and, it was not easy. They are Size 10 1/2. The beads run around the out sides. They are easy on and off. Price is $45.00 I will take your check in the mail. My address will be sent to you upon purchase. GOOD LUCK TWO PONIES DONALD TUSHER
  2. Here is a beautiful set of Winchester side plates. These are both case hardened and colored. These are probably about the best side plates you will ever find and they are pristine. Price: $150.00 Shipping will be $ 6.50 To the lower 48 States. I will take Pay Pal, USPS money order, Certified Bank Check, Your Check-(Held till it clears) If you use Pay Pal, you will need to email me for the Pay Pal code. Two Ponies SASS # 18032
  3. O.K.

    While you were getting the money I was getting to the P.O. 


    Here is the Tracking Number:  9505 5265 3326  0141 4900 59


    Expected Delivery is  Tuesday   5/26/20    


    Thanx for your purchase.


    Two Ponies

  4. Cumberland Mtn. John


    Here is the tracking info on your package:

    USPS:   9505 5265 3326 0129 4844 76

    The expected delivery is   MONDAY  5/11/2020



    Two Ponies



  5. Hey Pard

    Your package is on the way to Janesville.

    That takes me back a while.   I lived in Freeport, Il

    twice, seperated  by 8 years.  As such, I was at every gun show, and  in and out ot there all over Janesville and  the local cities.

    Your tracking # is:   9505 5265 3326 0128  4844 15   USPS

    It should be at you address on Monday  5/11/2020

    My wife shot 32 H&R  pistols for  20 years and last year

    her macular-degeneration flared up, and she went blind in her shooting eye.  After that I shot 3-4 months and gave it  too.   She is 79 I am 83 I guess  it'd time to quit.


    Thanx for your business.




    Donald Tusher

    1. StoneyMike


      Brass arrived today Thank you very much!

  6. Yes this is still for sale.



    you can call me@   256 413 7607


    Two Ponies

  7. Tequila Chase

    My Pay Pal is:         twoponies@tusher.com


    Thanx    email your address and I will send it along.


    Two Ponies




    my Pay PAL is :      twoponies@tusher.com



    1. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies

      Hey Cowrustler   Your spurs and belt go to the  Post office Monday Morning.


      Enjoy them, you got a good deal.


      Two Ponies

  9. Cowrustler


    my Pay PAL is :      twoponies@tusher.com



    1. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies


      Your last note did not come through,  An M was the last   thing on the Message.

      Anyway I worked around and went to another Post Office and  used an different

      Label , and now it is one the way.

      You should receive it on Thursday, 

      Tracking #:   9505 5121 5012 0006 3506 42



      SASS 18032


    2. cowrustler


      Thanks, Two Ponies. Leave it to the SASS mail system to get things screwed up, Bill

    3. cowrustler


      Two Ponies, spurs and belt arrived today in good shape. Thanks much, cowrustler

  10. Earl--

    You got a nice horn at a fair price. Congratulations.


    All I got from you was  several words and then it was cut off and I do not know what you were saying.

    Let me know your plan and how you want to pay.

    My Address:           Donald Tusher

                                       138 Greenbriar Road

                                        Gadsden, Al  35901-6424

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    2. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Howdy Two Ponies,


      Box came in, packed so well you scared the Postal Gorillas & they didn't even try to beat it to death.


      Flask & knife are very cool.


      Do you have any history/info on knife?  I like the blade shape.


      Extra thanks for the booklet & card (neat you signed it).


      I don't have an 1890 (yet) & now I will know how to make a better decision if I find one.


      I am a book fiend (rolling ladder and all) 


      I would think the check should be there by Friday, maybe Thursday.


      If you ever need any Colt percussion part give me a holler.


      (or if you decide to sell any other cool stuff, you have great (similar) taste.)


      Thanks again,





    3. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies



      Please send my your email address.   

      I have tried three times to send pictures to you of the

       hatchets   and they never will deliver.

      Perhaps an email will work better.




      Two Ponies

    4. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Sure thing Two Ponies,







  11. Slick McClade has won the Chaps


    Two Ponies

  12. Doc

    Yes I am. The gun was only used for a short time by my wife

    "TWO PONIES GAL" who wanted a rifle to match her pistols Caliber.

    I soon switched her off of that because I got tired of making too many bullets of different calibers. and the gun has been in the safe for some years now.

    She no longer shoots due to maculer degeneration with her sight.

    She was  Alabama State Champion for many years prior to 2018.


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