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  1. I don't have one in my safe......But that sounds like an Awesome gift!
  2. Here is a Limited run from 2000 of a Marble's Campcraft knife with Marlin on the blade. This has a stag handle and is new in the box. This is a cool knife at a great price compared to other Marble's Knives. $150 plus shipping. NOW $125 SHIPPED! I can do check, MO or PayPal. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Sold to Sacramento Johnson!! Thanks for looking
  3. I want these really bad, would you please ship to Me? I'd gladly pay the shipping costs!
  4. My pistol does have a 4 1/2 barrel. this is cool information, thanks.
  5. I have a Colt lightning 1887 in 38 Colt. Nickle plated at some point in it's life. The action still works as it should and locks up reasonably tight which i hear is pretty rare for one of these. By the serial # it was made in 1901. The black gutta percha grips still show good checkering and the rampant horse is still really clear. Looking to sell for $750 +shipping I might take a trade for something interesting also. Doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks for lookingMike
  6. #4 Longtooth Rig sold to Kuna! Thank you very much!
  7. QDG that is the M. Shellhart rig yes it is still available, It was an extra rig of my dad's, he was the first owner and used it for maybe a whole season till he got his Tequila rig. I will pack and ship it for $15 for a total of $135. Thanks for looking. Mike
  8. Sorry about that, I added the info to the above also. It measures 44 inches from the middle of the buckle to the first hole and 49 to the last hole. Hope this helps. Mike
  9. Been cleaning out stuff I've had for years that are no longer needed to get funds for some new stuff. 1. San Pedro Saddlery 45/70 canvas cartridge belt. Holds 35 45/70 cartridges. 34 inches long from the middle of the buckle to the first hole, 39 to the last hole. $45 +shipping 2. Custom Shotshell belt made by Chuck McClintick of Wisconsin. Semi famous around these parts for making leather for the movie Crossfire Trail. Anyway this is a really nice Shotshell belt he made for my Dad. Holds 10 12 ga. shells 5 45/70 ad 5 45 Colt. nice heavy leather. 37 inches long to the first and 44 to the last hole. $120+shipping 3. M. Shellhart double strong side rig. I don't thing they are in business any more but this is a nice quality rig. dark brown for 4 5/8 barrel colts and new vaquero's 45cal loops 39 inches long to the 1st hole 44 to the last. $120+ shipping 4. Brigade Gunleather Gallatin Buscadero right hand strong side holster Border stamped with no concho. this is a VERY high quality holster with 45 cal shell loops. Made for 4 5/8 OMV. 38 inches from buckle to 1st hole and 44 to the last hole. Right now it is shown with a crossdraw holster from Australian Stock saddle co. Also for 4 5/8 OMV I will separate these if needed but I didn't want to take apart the buckle end to get it off if someone wanted the set. $200 +shipping for the compete set, or $50 for the crossdraw and $150 for the buscadero rig. 5.SOLD TO KUNA! Longtooth Double string side rig. This is a great local maker in Illinois. Made for 4 5/8 NMV with no shellholders Holster have leather parts to keep them from sliding when you don't want them to. Measures 44inches from the buckle to the first hole and 49 to the last. Good starter holster set. Dark brown. $100 + shipping 6. Lawrence LEFT hand strong side buscadero 22 LR holster. brown, nice holster for a 5 1/2 .22LR revolver. Has loops for 22 shells. measures 36 inches from buckle to 1st hole and 40 to the last hole. Well used but still has some life left in her. $45 plus shipping I can accept check , Money order or paypal. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. Thank you very much for looking
  10. I'm located in southern Wisconsin but make my way up to WOWS from time to time I was just there for Fire in the Hills. here is the cart I make http://www.rockriverregulators.com/StoneyMikescartworks.htm Regards StoneyMike
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