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  1. Dusty, I haven't been shooting in 15 years due Cattle Kate developing a severe allergy to grass, which eliminated her from shooting outside. After she and I seperated, I had a large number of guns stolen while I was living in Austin and I haven't had the chance to replace them yet. I plan on resuming shooting as soon as I'm able to replace the guns. It is so awesome to see you back ...

  2. As much as I hate it, I've not been shooting for about 10 years. Cattle Kate developed an allergy to grass and couldn't shoot and I stopped then. I had my guns stolen shortly after CK and I got divorced. I'm in the process of getting guns and stuff to resume playing again. It is awesome to chat with you! I'm a life member of LSFFSC and need to get back with y'all for som...

  3. RR, my gosh what a blast from the past! good to hear from you,are you still cowboy shoot'n? i was away for a number of years and then frenchy told me about wild bunch so i'm back............dusty

  4. Howdy amigo! It's been a long time since I've seen or heard about you. I hope you and your wife are well. Cattle Kate and I got divorced and neither of us is actively shooting right now, but I hope to remedy that in the not too distant future. I saw your post on the wire and wanted to say hi.

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