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  1. Curly: 

    I only know one guy currently cutting checkering in grips.

    He just changed jobs and has zero free time to work on guns.

    Most of the local gunsmiths get quite a bit per hour.

    That's why I said finding new grips may be a cheaper option.

    Did you say what the mfr of your revolvers is?

    Have you checked Numrich?

    1. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      All of my guns are Pietta cap and ball. I have found a few grips for Uberti but none for Pietta. The prices I have found so far are what I think expensive. I may just strip and refinish one iog my revolvers and see how's that works out. Thanks

  2. Okay.  I'll try to call you.

    I have been trying to each Jim, but he's always gone.

    I haven't had much free time lately.



  3. Hi, Mary!


    So how is it going for you in the high country?  Well, you're "higher" than we are here in NE....

    I saw a thread that you are pondering quitting the SASS outfit.

    I really hope that you don't.  I really like running into you and Buick at the shoots.

    If someone is badgering you for no reason, let us other SASS fellers know and we can put some peer pressure on the jerk.


    Your Flatland Pard,


  4. Hardtack, you have nice friends!!! MG

  5. Gateway, sorry we got busy and I didn't get a chance to call you.

    Mustang Gregg

  6. Bruce:

    How's that massive home improvement going? From Afghanistan I can't open your pictures.


  7. Howdy, Kate!

    Thanks, Pards! We will be leaving for OEF within the week(??). Nicholls Creek also works here at Ft Hood. He took me out for a fine Texas steak dinner as a going-away gift. You SASS Pards are great!

    Mustang Gregg

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