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  1. I keep a travel size bottle of baby powder in my cart. Works grate.
  2. Happy Jack and Marshal Hangtree together have it. https://www.buffaloarms.com/reloading-supplies-accessories/wad-punches Indy
  3. Once years ago, with the match directors permission I substituted my '86 for my '92 for speed rifle. 10 rounds of full case 40-65 black powder as fast as you can is a reel hoot. But the best part was when I finished the range was completely quit until some one hollered "What the h__l was that!"
  4. You want to check the throats on the Ruger 38-40s also. They had a habit of cutting them undersize also. Indy
  5. Got 1,000+ round of BP loaded this week for the wife and myself. so we are almost ready to head north for some shooting and some fishing. Indy
  6. Congratulations go out to Little Red Shure Shot and Cannon the new Indiana State Champions
  7. 2019 EOT scores https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/2019results.php
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