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  1. Movement is your friend! For example if the stage instructions say to shoot your pistols with one foot behind the box. Start on the left side with your right foot behind the box and as you change pistols move to the right side with your left foot behind the box. Same thing with the shotgun, shoot two, take a step shoot two and so on.
  2. Rare earth magnets in your bullets help.
  3. 32 rimfire is no longer produced. If you are lucky enough to find some it is very pricey. Here is an article on 32 rimfire https://www.ammoland.com/2017/12/32-rimfire-obsolete-round/#axzz69bXlRxxW .
  4. The picture on the left is what your half cock should look like. Yours is like the one on the right with the tab broken off. As you can see there is not much metal there. Pulling hard on the trigger with the hammer on half cock can break it off. My wife shoots a pair of Ruger 32s and Lassiter just opened up the loading gate area to make it easier to load and unload. I want to give credit to Bozeman Trail Arms, Mfg. for the picture. I know nothing about them except they have a nice FAQ section.
  5. I keep a travel size bottle of baby powder in my cart. Works grate.
  6. Happy Jack and Marshal Hangtree together have it. https://www.buffaloarms.com/reloading-supplies-accessories/wad-punches Indy
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