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  1. I have a 1873 carbine in .357/38. Good rifle. I switched to a different configuration is the only reason it’s up for sale. It’s match ready. I bought it from Joe and Martha Briscoe. $1650 + shipping.
  2. I had a work friend (non-cas) tell me he stretched the brass frame of a c&b revolver. Fred loved to shoot but was not anything cas. If anyone every had tendency to shoot something at max load, it was Fred. It can happen. I am not sure of gun maker, but I remember it was an 1851.
  3. I appreciate the question. However, in the immortal words of Noz, “Leave Frontiersman Alone!”
  4. I kinda liked the idea of single action paintball. Makes hits and misses easier.
  5. Prayers up for for the graybeard family. Looking forward to beers and shooting the breeze again.
  6. Sue, feel free to contact me also. Tucker
  7. Doc, quick go buy a lottery ticket. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Tucker.
  8. I almost have what you want. All your request, just not case hardened. Check add if interested.
  9. 44 balls - +1 on Whyte Leather Works. wads/lube - if you use APP, not required for what we do. If you don’t use APP, rethink that decision. reloading stand - I absolutely love my tower of power. Biglube.com Powder flask- brass gets wet in the mornings and powder sticks to it and makes our morning shooting problematic. You may get a chamber w/o powder. Use a dipper or pre-measure using 5cc centrifuge tubes. Super cheap from China via Amazon or EBay. caps - http://guntoters.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Percussion-Caps-and-Nipples2.pdf. Read Mako’s chart. Slix nipples require the 0.166 ID caps. Rem 10 is the best I’ve used. I have a friend that likes he RWS 1075 caps better. Haven’t tried them yet. I am finding CCI 11s at Scheels. No Remington yet. wrench - if using slix, then Ted Cash wrench is decent or cut your own from a 1/4” drive socket. keep the questions coming. Hope this helps.
  10. No, they let the samsonite gorilla handle the package and then took it upon themselves to inspect what was inside because I was a fool and insured the package.
  11. I went through a “wonderful” experience with USPS in the fall of 2019 to ship my ROAs to Goon’s gunworks. Regardless of the USPS shipping codes, it it up to the interpretation of the post master. Even when their shipping codes state they cannot regulate like the BATFE. It will be extremely frustrating. I eventually got them back after I solicited assistance from my state senator to get them out of their gun jail. I wish there was a better way to deal with their ignorance of firearms and non-firearms.
  12. Good review. I watched it twice already. I'm aligned with your rating. Not horrible, good action. There are many worse Netflix westerns I’ve turned off because the acting was just painful to watch.
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