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  1. It's the pressure not the velocity that blows stuff up. Factory Ammo is typically not going to be loaded over SAAMI specs. 44 Russian max pressure 14500 psi, 44 special max pressure 15500 psi.
  2. This ▲, I have had good results getting a part that would work, most times with little effort in fitting.
  3. We email, post them on our facebook page and upload them to practiscore a week in advance. I have never had a single person come up and complain about posting the stages so they can view them.
  4. Before you start filing your front sights work out the loads you want to shoot, setting up for 200 gr. bullets then shooting 160 gr. bullets will leave you back in the same boat.
  5. Here you go APP is not the same size as Holy black and God bless you if you have the patience to run it through a powder measure.
  6. This is the problem that I have run into when swapping hammers on revolvers, each one is fit individually. So fitting takes time (modify, assemble, test, disassemble, repeat) There is a reason that revolvers are more expensive than pistols.
  7. I used to load paper hulls on my mec jr. there is a smooth cone for this. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/MEC-Smooth-Cone-Spindex-Head-for-paper-cases/productinfo/1308462S/
  8. SASS Alias: Cholla Bob SASS #: 91001 Where you are from: Alabama "Heart of Dixie" How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 7 years
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