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  1. I have an AWA in 44-40 and it will run fine. . .If the "Loose nut" holding it will do his part. I have not shot it for a couple of years and had decided to shoot it last weekend. . . well I will be shooting my 94 next time. Here is my take, it is a different motion and requires a POSITIVE back and forward motion to operate. It requires dedication and practice so that when you step up to the firing line you are not concentrating on operating the rifle but concentrating on shooting the sweep. One more safety minder keep your pinky finger on your left hand off the back of the fore stock
  2. Many factors contribute to premature case splitting and I will just add one more. "Powder burn rate" and Clays and 700x top the list of fast powders.
  3. Lyman 42nd edition, Reloader's Handbook September 1960 has what you are looking for. What particular powder are you using it lists Hercules Unique, Alcan Super M, Alcan 101, Hercules Red Dot, Du Pont M-B, Du Pont PB, Alcan AL-5, and Alcan AL-7 and shot charge and I will list the info.
  4. Guess I'm just a renegade living on the edge
  5. Sadly there comes a time when the equipment needs to be put out to pasture. We use Practiscore with online sign up and have forgone the old paper score sheets as well. Adding the few technologically impaired shooters to the tablets before the match is not a big deal. We usually have the scores up on Practiscore within a couple of hours after the match.
  6. SASS Alias: Cholla Bob SASS #: 91001 Where you are from: Alabama "Heart of Dixie" How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 7 years
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