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  1. After breaking two of those crummy sights I put a solid one on from an old marlin 22 rifle I had. Works like a charm.
  2. Just do it as a separate category like Josey Wales
  3. And here we go again. . . . . . . .
  4. I had some clays about ten years ago that looked like that, I shot it.
  5. Preach it Brother! Its all about the flames and sparks.
  6. We use practiscore and it works well for us. You will want to build your match online then send it to your tablets, that is the way it was designed to work, with the tablets as the data entry points. Another feature we use is the online waiver form that must be checked in order to complete your shooter registration. There are a multitude of match score breakdowns that you can use to view your scores on the Practiscore website. If you are just using it on your tablets and not using their online service and uploading the scores to your clubs Practiscore account you are really missing out on the program. Shooters can sign up online view their scores online. Not to mention that your upcoming matches will be listed on the Practiscore website for out of towners to see and sign up for. I load the shooters to the tablets the night before a match takes me 2 minutes. Oh and it runs on android and apple. ( I don't work for Practiscore or get any compensation from them other than it makes my life easier as a match director.)
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