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  1. +2 on the Redding Profile crimp die. I was having the same issue whenever I shot smokeless this fixed it.
  2. When I shoot the heathen powder I like unique and trail boss in my 44-40s just depends on which I have sitting on the reloading table at the time.
  3. I had to switch to double-grip after an old thumb injury gave me a real hitch in my cocking. It's a blow to the ego at first, but two handed shooting is better than not shooting. It does takes awhile to stop trying to cock the hammer with your dominant hand.
  4. mine does the same thing, the hammer going forward trips the cartridge being released from the mag tube to the carrier.
  5. This or its brother APP if you are only gonna do it occasionally, you can use your regular old heathen powder boolits. Black MZ and APP are gateway drugs to the Darkside.
  6. SASS Alias: Cholla Bob SASS #: 91001 Where you are from: Alabama "Heart of Dixie" How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 7 years
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