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  1. Do you see any marks on the brass where its hanging up? Lees customer service is pretty good if you contact them they are usually pretty fast to respond.
  2. Great mags and you can't beat the $10 exchange program
  3. Any help setting up a match is good help. If you can't pick up the steel you can still un-coil and clip on the reset ropes for the shotgun targets or roll out a towel on the shooting tables.
  4. This is what I use also, work good for me.
  5. I like extra virgin olive oil, but I have used lexol and neatsfoot also with good results. There are as many ways to oil leather as there are to make black powder lube and everyone has their own idea about what works best.
  6. I have the awa peacekeepers and replaced the hammers with lowered ones. I got the pietta hammers from EMF. They are NOT a drop in fit, can it be done yes, if you are not comfortable with working on guns I would have a gunsmith do it for you. The hand hole had to be enlarged slightly then the cam had to be adjusted for proper timing(not for the meek).
  7. I would start here http://www.gun-parts.com/springs/ All else fails you can make your own
  8. Loud Shot is great for heavy shotshell loads but not really suited to our game. If Clays is unacceptable then Unique would be a good choice for a all around powder.
  9. Absolutely if you are casting boolits you need to join this forum
  10. That's a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.
  11. I have shot both and I think clays is not as dirty as trail boss.
  12. I shoot Grafs in my pistols and rifles and Pyrodex in my shotgun (I buy my pyrodex every year at walmart after deer season on clearance). I have shot APP and still do on occasions when I need to cast bullets and all I have left are my coated bullets it is fine just no sparks and flames. I do know that some people don't like to run Holy black through their powder measures and that's why they use subs. But its always fun to shoot Frontier cartridge no matter what powder you're using and the more Darksiders there are the better.
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