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  1. They have a forum that is very helpful. https://community.practiscore.com/ https://community.practiscore.com/c/tutorials-learn-how-to-do-stuff/19 I setup all our matches online at https://www.practiscore.com/ Online signup is opened a week before the match and closes at 4pm the day before the match then I download the stages and shooters to the tablets the night before the shoot. Anyone can sign up the morning of the match if they are unable to online. As with anything new, it took a little time to learn the system but once we did it runs very smooth.
  2. Probably moving it to an end cap so they don't have a bunch of empty shelf space.
  3. "Since we announced the agreement to purchase Marlin in September, we have heard from countless members of the firearms community - consumers, retailers, distributors, writers, and collectors - who are delighted that legendary Marlin rifles are now part of the Ruger product family," said Christopher J. Killoy, Ruger's CEO, in a statement. "We are excited to start moving these assets to our Ruger facilities and setting up the manufacturing cells that will produce Marlin rifles for years to come. We look forward to re-introducing Marlin rifles in the latter half of 2021." https://www.guns.
  4. B-Western cause I like shooting 94's, lightnings and wearing fancy duds. Also I can shoot my revolvers any way I want.
  5. I have had good results with a 50/50 mix of shellac and alcohol in a spray bottle. Just shape, spray and let dry. If it won't spray just add alcohol till it does.
  6. You could do it once in each barrel.... like Wile E Coyote
  7. We can always do you own primer reloading I suppose http://aardvarkreloading.com/resources/homemadeprimercourse.pdf
  8. I have personally shot some (over 200) Winchester SRP and LRP that my dad gave me that he bought in 1956 and they all have gone bang so far. As far as storage they were in an old G.I ammo can in the garage. On a side note the the small rifles worked fine in my revolvers with Wolf springs.
  9. Equipment matters period, no matter if you are a mechanic or a racer get the best you can afford.
  10. This is a great museum. https://www.briscoemuseum.org As was already stated the missions are great! Spend a day start with San Jose with the guided tour then go to all the others on your own and don't forget The Espada Aqueduct a small but often overlooked part of the mission network.
  11. This is the dilemma that us working stiffs face when it comes to big shoots. But all sports are like this for larger events. It just depends how dedicated you are to the cause and if mama agrees it's a good use of vacation days.
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