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  1. That's latin darlin', Ringo is an educated man. Now I really Hate him.
  2. North Alabama Regulators and Old York Shootist's are the two clubs in your general area. NAR shoots the 1st Sunday and OYS the 4th Sunday. Both are a ton of fun. NAR also hosts both the Alabama State Match and the Southeast Regional. South of you in Birmingham there are two more clubs, North of you in Wartrace, TN. They shoot on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays and host the Tennessee State Championship. In the Chattanooga area there are also two clubs. You will be able to shoot every weekend some twice within a 2 hour drive. Plenty of shooting to be had in the area.
  3. If you are shooting factory ammo and not reloading, The Winchester Low Noise Low Recoil 12 Gauge rounds are probably lighter recoil than most 20g shells on the market. If you are reloading you can go all the way down to a 1/2 ounce shot loads for 12 Gauge loads that are ridiculously low recoil and my daughter started shooting those at 10 years old with no problems. Either way 12 gauge would be my advice.
  4. Great news Yohan. I am glad you were able to get this worked out.
  5. Prairie Dawg,

            I would be interested in the 1860 Henry setup for 45 Cowboy Special. I actually bought a 45 Cowboy Special carrier a couple of years ago to do the same build, after reading you talk about one of yours on a thread. I thought it was a super cool build and unlike everyone else's main match rifles. But never got around to building it. If you are interested in selling it please let me know a price.



  6. I think Yohan will take you up on that! Thanks Ironhead, I will get him in touch with you.
  7. Wow that is a dense powder vs Red Dot.
  8. I would guess a 24 or 25, but don't know the powder enough to be certain.
  9. I was just in the woods of North Florida a couple weeks ago and had a confirmed sighting of a Waimea. Are you sure he is dead?
  10. Thanks Kajun. I am trying to help out a new shotgun loader with limited access to powder and find something that would work. The published data was a little stouter than we were looking for. I would much rather switch him to Clays or Red Dot where I know recipe's that work, but alas everything is hard to find these days.
  11. Trying to recreate a Winchester AA Low Recoil load using Titegroup and 7/8oz of shot. If you are using Titegroup what is your recipe? Thanks in advance! Barkeep
  12. I run both smokeless and BP on mine. When loading BP I make sure the powder hopper is completely empty, then run brass through stages 1 and 2 which will size, prime and bell the case. I then pull the case off before entering stage 3. I drop them in a case holder and hand dip my BP. I then go back to stage 3 and 4 on the press for seating and crimp. The advantage to doing it this way for me is that I can just add powder and I am back in the smokeless loading business if needed and I found that I got a lot of dust using the Powder hopper with BP. The dust seemed to gum up my primer feed. So I am
  13. Evil Bob is a better tipper ....... Just kidding I got you covered too C.B.B!
  14. I am not slinging drinks at this match, but I will bring a bottle of something I think you will really like Bob!
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