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  1. The Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge is an absolutely stunning venue! It should make for a memorable Saturday Banquet.
  2. Blackwater, I thought you all were still wanted in Texas??
  3. I know what you mean, Side match day is like a buffet. Practice match or PCC or BP match in the morning. And in the afternoon you can choose another practice match or Cowboy Rimfire or Wild Bunch. Plus the speed matches! Too much shootin' and not enough time.....
  4. No picking up brass or resetting shotgun targets means the stages go really fast. We shoot 6 stages in just a couple hours. It is a lot of fun! This year we have expanded the categories to Duelist, Traditional and GUNFIGHTER!
  5. I earned the paddle twice both times shooting BP against heathen smokeless shooters. But I promise you I didn't burn the paddle that I had paid for, that would be like deciding to light a cigar with a $20.00 bill. Makes no sense. Maybe it was Purly...........
  6. The "Paddle of Shame" mysteriously disappeared one day and nobody seems to remember who had earned it last. I personally believe Red burned it but I have no way to back up that statement lol. But it was fun while it lasted! It might be time for a new paddle and a new group of paddlers though.
  7. With all this trash talking I feel the need to go buy a new paddle! What say you Purly, Widder and Red???
  8. You might PM Buck. D Law he has a gaggle of BLR's in different calibers. I don't know what, if any are for sale though.
  9. Scotch Before Noon has graciously donated a nice bottle of Bourbon to the winner of the PCC match in the Iron Sight division. And I just got my red dot sighted in.....
  10. Purly there will be two awards for the speed match. One for the fastest time in each category, and another for the closest time above your guess prior to shooting. We are just adding another way to win!
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