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  1. Last year on side match day Buck D. Law thought it would be funny to shake a ceremonial rain stick. 8 hours later it is a full on monsoon for two days. We have disposed of the aforementioned rain stick, and threatened to zip tie Buck's hand to his belt loops.
  2. Marshal TKD has been testing an alternate route to the range with the bridge out. He plans to widen it though for RV's
  3. Hmmmm........ Who won FC last year???? I think I need a handicap!
  4. Widder is just getting more Borg implants for next year.... Resistance is futile
  5. I noticed Sunday at the Monthly that they had the new concrete top poured for the bridge. It is sitting taller than the old bridge so they need to do a little work to ramp you up on the bridge and off and get some guardrails installed, but it MIGHT be done in time for Ambush......
  6. I have gone so far as to hang Sidekick upside down to shake him for loose change. It is a losing proposition...…. But it is worth having him around for pure entertainment value!
  7. Mmmmmm!!!!! Possum on a half shell!!!! When is that fire pit going to be ready?
  8. You need to keep those things down in that GA swamp you live in. The last time you brought them up to TN. ole TW made the mistake of just rubbing it and got himself smack dab in the middle of a riot on his way home.
  9. The DQ is framed up and construction is rocking along nicely. It is located right off the interstate next to the Bass Pro Shops and Chick Fil A. Off Exit 1 I75. And there is a fifth Saturday shoot this month, but alas the DQ wont be finished in time.
  10. If you are heading east to shoot at TMM, construction has started on a brand new Dairy Queen a mile from the range. Nanner Splits!!!!
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