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  1. Tequila Shooter, Pouring you a very special drink today in remembrance of your co-workers that were either involved or lost their lives in the terrorist attack 6 years ago today. Just tell me which bottle to grab.
  2. Every time I saw him all week, he had a huge possum eating grin on his face! I would guess he had a great time.
  3. Now that you are of age I can say "Drinks are on me!"..................Unless we can get Sidekick's wallet.
  4. Let SASS make the decision of which club would best represent them in the State. It is after all an application.
  5. That is your takeaway?? I see a guy who is giving countless hours of his time to make instructional videos, for a game he obviously loves. There is no monetization that I am aware of for shooting videos. And the content seems to be geared for newer shooters who sometimes struggle for this information. Good work Branchwater!
  6. You had me at saloon girls. Just name the place and I will pack up the bar.
  7. That is why we built the ramp at the creek. It gets you around the gate in case Buck gets Ornery.
  8. Your buddy Evil Bob has got it figured out. He sends it in twice. If the gremlins get the first one he is still covered.
  9. It is the only way I keep any friends in this game. I stop giving them free drinks and they will probably string me up
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