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  1. When I first started shooting Cowboy I would get a big old lump on my middle finger below the knuckle. I was an experienced shooter and it was NOT from pulling the stock in tight enough. I ended up switching to Winchester low noise/low recoil which helped but didn't entirely make it go away. Like Palewolf recommended what helped the most was taking some soft suede stripping and wrapping the back of the trigger guard. Problem solved!
  2. I talked to you years ago about your alias and know Trails end ranch on the south side of the park! As far as serving you a beverage, I set up a free bar at AL State, SE Regional, and Comin at Cha. With all the whiskey given away in Wartrace , there is not much need for my services lol.
  3. Those guys at Wartrace all have confusing names Chickamauga Slim does not live in GA and Nantahala Ned does not live in NC...… Randy Saint Eagle can't even fly, just plain confusing.
  4. Glad all is well my friend!! Rest, relax and heal quickly.
  5. I started my Buckarette on a single shot 12 gauge. With a short stock and short barrel it was really light and easy to handle as she lacked the strength to operate a double. I made her some super light loads using 1/2oz shot and wads that to me kick less than factory 410 shells. She has recently graduated to a 97 which has speeded her up over the single shot, but still struggles with the weight of a double barrel. YMMV just sharing my journey.
  6. Most of the time at me! But not his rifle.
  7. 10/22's are like race engines. How fast do you want to go, it is all a question of money...… Widder and Eli are showing you some fine examples of high end rifles that are gorgeous. I have built literally dozen's of custom 10/22's over the years and firmly believe that you can build incredible guns on a budget as well. First question I would ask what are you going to shoot? A squirrel gun? A Tack driver? Or a rimfire steel challenge style gun? This will narrow the field of recommended accessories.. I personally keep 2 guns. One with a stock barrel but with Williams Firesights. The Fiber Optics really help with visibility and the different color front and rear make for super fast target acquisition. My second gun I have done a barrel change to a Carbon Fiber bull barrel it is as light as the stock barrel, increases accuracy and heat dissipation and is threaded for a comp or suppressor. On the bull barrel I run a quality red dot optic. From there both guns wear the same accessories. A drop in Volquartsen trigger kit which replaces the hammer and springs. (Much cheaper alternative than changing the entire trigger group) I also put in a homemade overtravel stop by tapping and threading the back of the trigger guard. I also add an extended mag release and add an extended Charging Handle. Both guns also wear Hogue rubber overmold stocks. These are not the prettiest stock you will ever see not even close, but if you put one in your hands you will understand. These are also great beginner gunsmith projects as the guns are really easy to assemble and disassemble and my experience with the aftermarket products is the parts fit real well without much need for custom fitting.
  8. Purly also shoots one, and swears by his.
  9. Prayers Up for T Bone and Ellie!
  10. I definitely hate it too Traveler. I was really looking forward to a Frontier Cartridge shootout of Epic Proportions!!
  11. People kept laughing at me. It was making a funny popping sound.
  12. Hello Shootout 2020 Competitors and Friends: We are sorry to inform you that we are postponing the 2020 Alabama State Championship until 2021 due to the uncertainty of The Alabama Covid 19 rules that may be in operation on the planned match dates of 4-6 June 2020. Right now, if we were to hold the match, 1) All posses would have to be limited to 10 per stage, keeping an empty stage between each posse, and running 2 flights 2) Posse members would have to practice social distancing 3) We could not have a food vendor serve meals at the pavilion 4) We could have no social events (Hospitality night, casino games, karaoke, poker tournament, awards & banquet) Because being social is part of the cowboy game, we don't believe that a match with the above restrictions would be as much fun for shooters. Full refunds will be provided to all entrants, we apologize for any problems that this has caused you, our friends. The Southeast Regional is still moving forward with its October schedule and we hope to see some of you then. By then there should be more data on this Covid 19 issue and possibly relief. Thank you, The Board Members of the North Alabama Regulators Drake Robey Marshal TKD Barkeep Casey Graywolf Tate Toolman Branchwater Jack Lickskillet Charlie Buck D. Law
  13. I shoot about 50/50 BP and smokeless. Ballistol works well cleaning with both. With the exception of the shotgun when shooting BP, I use corks on my double and let soak for a couple minutes with hot soapy water and then use ballistol after. It speeds up the shotgun cleaning tremendously.
  14. Thank you Purly and Sudden Sam!
  15. Here is one of me presenting the paddle to Kid Ziggy. (In the background you can see Purly making a fast getaway from the Paddle)
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