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  1. You know where you are at after surgery, but if you can lift a revolver and have access to five of them you could shoot in the Josey Wales Category.
  2. Where is said shooter list??
  3. A bunch of reprobates on Posse 10 as well. I would have felt right at home!
  4. Lucky, You are all good to go. And we have you signed up as a Duelist. I am not sure how accurate the squadding is on Practiscore and would not trust it to be finalized even if you could pull it up. More news to come as we finish this up.
  5. The rumor is the posse lists were almost complete when Branchwater released the information of the posse marshals singing. The news created a huge number of posse change requests. Strangely most of them were the posse marshals.. More information soon.
  6. Anybody that ends up on Sidekick's or Tombstone's posses please insist that they sing them. Their voices are truly magical.
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