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  1. Now I preface this list by saying I haven't sent in the first application for next year yet, but these are my plans: Dark Day Ala. State GA. State Black Gold Comin at Cha SE Regional Land Run
  2. It is a beautiful gun and I understand your reluctance to shoot it or sell it. But IMHO if I had a choice of looking at a beautiful gun, or in my case shooting some ugly guns in matches 3-4 times a month I will choose the latter. I sold off many a wall hanger that were not getting shot . To fund my journey into SASS. Best decision I ever made I enjoy shooting them a whole lot more than looking at them.
  3. Mike, That does not surprise me at all. I could tell right away they were something special. You do great work! I have Mobil 1 Grease so no problem keeping them lubed. My Polish Capper arrived last night, I am real close to getting these babies singing! Thanks, Barkeep
  4. @Tennessee williams You got to tread lightly with ole' Kajun. Last time you made him mad, that vodoo doll mysteriously appeared on your gun cart. If I recall correctly that weekend you had 6 misses and then got caught in an Antifa riot on the way home. Now most people reading this will think that we are joking, but that is a true story and that black magic ain't no joke.
  5. I wrote the above response this morning. For some reason it did not submit my reply. Never had that happen before but at least it saved it.
  6. Make sure you send the leftover lube and especially the "Crown" solvent with the gun. I am going to need it!
  7. Griff, They are 1851's but the .44 cal instead of .36. and are the short barrel models. Judge had someone do marvelous work to them, reprofiled hammers, action job, the little post to keep the caps from clogging the action up etc. The guns came with the five sets of cylinders and the tower of power. While I have shot BP for years, this is my first foray into cap and ball. But I like a good challenge. Thanks for the tips, I know you have your's sorted and shooting well!
  8. I don't know if they have a date posted yet, but I assume they do. The Wartrace Regulators are located SE of Nashville TN. And the shoot is usually the second weekend in October. It is a fantastic range, and a great shoot!
  9. This is why I love the wire! What great information, thanks everyone! Things I didn't know I needed, that I am ordering: Nipple Pick Anti Seize Enough Vial's in case I need to shoot a 6th stage. Nice setup Dave and Dawg.
  10. Let me get a match or two under my belt, and I might take you and tequila up on the challenge! I suspect they are goons guns. They have definitely been slicked up.
  11. This will be a big change for me being a two-hand gripper usually. But Judge em all Duncan was my friend and mentor that got me started in BP. I am honored to have his guns and hope to do them justice. But I need to get my feet wet first lol.
  12. I recently aquired a set of 51's already tuned with 5 sets of cylinders for each gun. It also came with the cylinder loader. I like the idea of the tupperware and dippers! I hadn't thought about that.
  13. I recently picked up a pair of 1851's, and have accumulated caps, balls, wads and have ordered a Polish Capper PCC. What is your favorite Powder Dispenser? I am hoping this is the last piece of the puzzle I need to come join in the fun.
  14. I have shot a Baikal for years. When I first started I used to get a nice little lump on my 3rd finger. Found lighter loads, and a tighter grip helped but some soft suede strip laced in on the back of the trigger guard cured it.
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