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  1. Sorry for the slow response to this, it took a board meeting to resolve the confusion in the dates of Ambush 2023. The correct dates of Ambush are Thursday September 28th through Saturday September 30th. Ambush dates are set up to be on the preceeding Thursday through Saturday before the 1st Sunday in October. (Shootout the State Match follows the same logic in May) Someone in their zeal to get the 2023 applications online accidentally posted the following week 10/4-10/6 thinking it was the first weekend. The North Alabama Regulators would like to apologize for the confusion and while we have very few people signed up this early, we are in the process of contacting everyone and let them know. what the correct dates are and of the change. We are also changing our website and application to reflect the corrected date. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  2. I do. Planning on wearing a crossdraw rig with an extra holster on my strong side back hip. I will only need to get the two remaining guns to the line. And I can carry one of them. I am close to being able to do it without assistance
  3. My left hand. Unfortunately, I am left-handed. So, it has been a whole lot of fun. Fortunately, I am right eye dominate and shoot right-handed. So, the shooting shouldn't be too big of a deal. My biggest concern is trying to figure out how to get five pistols to the line one handed.
  4. Dealing with a broken hand but trying to see if I can figure out a rig so I can play Josey Wales. I really wasn't planning on a change to duelist
  5. I thought you went ahead and changed your alias with SASS?
  6. This year's theme will be "Stagecoach!" A story that was later re-written changing the platform of transportation and was a huge success in the re-write. One question for you? Did you eat the chicken or the fish?
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