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  1. TN Williams has not crossed the border yet. That is powerful voodoo but you are blaming the wrong Shaman. Let the shenanigans begin!
  2. This should be a fun experiment! Can't wait to give them a try.
  3. This is the flight schedule from 2019 so please disregard, there is no decoder ring to use. What TN Williams said is correct. If you are an odd number posse (1,3,5,7,9,11 or 13) You will be first flight Friday and second flight Saturday. and Vice Versa if you are an even number. When you check in at the range they will be able to tell you your starting stage or hopefully Branchwater Jack or Buck D. Law can chime in with that information. First Flight Safety Briefing Friday is 8:30am at the pavilion with shooting starting at 9:00am. And Second Flight Safety Briefing will be at 12:00pm at the pavilion with shooting starting at 12:30pm.
  4. Absinthe,,,,,,,,, Guaranteed muscle relief @Tyrel Codybetter than chicken feet
  5. Be careful TW the landings are tricky and you can blow a tire.
  6. I was unsuccessful twisting the arms of either of them........
  7. TW clean out all your spam from Widder. Your mailbox is full.
  8. Tennessee's Roster alphabetically: Barkeep Casey Bill Carson Blackfish Kid Cherokee Sgt. Cleve Dew R Dye Dobber Dodge City Dixie Dr Slick Emmet Moon English Tom Fox Creek Stitcher Fretless Garnet Gal Grey Horse Horse Doc Iron Maiden Long Colt Tommy Long Wolf May B Knott Ocoee Red Picket Randy St. Eagle Ranger Dan Reno Mustang Ringer Saphirre Rose Scrub Oak Willie Shagbark Steve Shez A Pistol Tn. Missy Tombstone John Tyrel Cody Uncle Ethan Whiskey Creek Johnson Whiskey Hayes Willy Joe Yohan
  9. Tennessee picked up a couple recruits for Trail Driver this weekend. Blackfish Kid and Long Colt Tommy are now on the roster.
  10. Last I saw the Chicken Foot was hanging from a rope like mistletoe on Stage 1 at Tennessee. Needless to say the whole posse was effected. I went back later to properly dispose of it, and there was a small sign hanging from the rope that said see you in Alabama.
  11. It will be good to see you again Short Stack!
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