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  1. So do we have to provide our own axe/hatchet/tomahawk, or will there be a spare or three available? (I am woefully unprepared with regards to bladed throwing chopper things)
  2. All the local matches have enough cover to park your carts out of the rain every stage, so the focus is on staying dry between stages and minimizing exposure when shooting or doing posse duties. Depending upon temperature I wear a light or heavy long coat and have a decent hat that sheds rain. Moving between stages I either use a trash bag, as other’s have mentioned, or I drape my coat over the cart. I always bring a towel for wiping down guns after a match, usually with CLP, but on rainy days I use WD 40. Most loading and unloading tables around here are covered, or can be, so other than the tables getting wet that’s not an issue. A bandanna helps. I usually have two.
  3. I hope your FIL gets better soon Dan! Hands on the cell phone while driving is illegal here in Georgia, so she'll get a whopping $50 fine for that part of the accident.
  4. I think he goes Gunfighter on those and uses a spork in one hand and a spoon in the other.
  5. I respectfully disagree. This point has been covered many times. We're nowhere close to being re-enactors. Our guns aren't period correct, much of our apparel isn't even close to being period correct (think B-Western). Somehow I don't think cowboys ever thought, 'I'm going to stand here out in the open and shoot a Nevada sweep on those four bad guys." We're a fantasy western shooting sport. I always get a kick out of this statement and it keeps popping back up. We're all shooting for fun, even the fast shooters. Some of us just define fun differently than you do. That is a statement I've never heard from anyone at a match in 9 years of CAS. I've heard it here on the Wire, but never at a match.
  6. Obviously short strokes do affect the operation of the gun and aren't according to the original design, BUT they're also included under the "Internal modifications not referenced here" statement. In other words, they are explicitly referenced as being OK. Your difference of opinion is not about what short strokes do with respect to original design, it's about whether they should have been approved. That ship has sailed.
  7. That’s a strange quote, Joe said that, not me.
  8. No, it wasn't. Neither were short strokes. I don't believe that a perceived disadvantage is justification for not allowing these. BUT I am concerned about how they impact our current rules and I can foresee them causing slow downs on stages.
  9. So when the OP asks for reviews only those who have something good to say should respond?
  10. Post them on the classifieds. From what I've seen the best way to get a package deal done is to offer a discount for the package, but also have per item pricing available. It can be hard to find someone who wants all of what you have.
  11. From my perspective the gamble occurred when the shooter knowingly brought a pistol that was illegal for his category to the LT and loaded it. The question then is why would he do that? To shoot it I suppose. Why would he knowingly plan on shooting an illegal revolver? The best conclusion I could reach would be because he thought a 10 second P was better than 25 seconds worth of misses. I think that's a pretty clear cut SOG. Pretty different than a duelist who cocks two pistols, or a BP shooter who gets a smokeless load mixed in with his BP ammo.
  12. Fast Eddie, cause he’s the best SKB gunsmith our there. I’m happy to say we have 3 Fast Eddie SKB’s.
  13. Participant conduct doesn't specify a penalty. P. 23 cites 'performance on the course of fire'. I certainly may be wrong, but my understanding was that those type infractions, not on the course of fire, did not fall under the rules. For example, if I'm putting my shotgun in the cart after cleaning it, nothing to do with the stage, and I drop it, is that a SDQ? My understanding is that it's not. I'm not saying we shouldn't penalize sweeping someone off the firing line, but I am saying that I'm not sure the rules address that.
  14. If they're not on the firing line it's a gun club issue. I would go to the cowboy who is the gun club member/contact and complain, in front of witnesses.
  15. It's been my experience that at the monthly match level you're going to get variability in the competence of TO's. There can be a lot of reasons for that, some of which are avoidable and some of which aren't. If you've got a match with 15 people, your options for TO are limited. It's also been my experience that at matches above the club level in the southeast MDs put quite a bit of thought into who their PMs are. Those PMs are then selective about who gets their hands on the timers. You're correct that an RO pin of any kind doesn't guarantee a good TO, but I believe it's a good step in that direction and justifiably should be a requirement.
  16. I think Creeker’s hypothesis is supported by empirical evidence when we look at scores, at least in Georgia. We’re lucky enough to have four shooters one of whom will win pretty much any GA match they shoot in. Then we have a larger group who can step in and occasionally beat one of them if they shoot well and the top shooter screws up enough. When you look at local scores those four will group together at the top with very small differences in their scores. The next tier will also be grouped together, but with slightly higher differences in their scores and a gap between them and the first tier. That gap between the first and second tier will increase or decrease as match difficulty increases or decreases. I like a variety of distances and sizes, but when they’re big and close I can get much closer to the top dogs. As as a side observation note how spreads between the groups increase when you add more shotgun targets. If it’s a 10-10-2 big and close the gap will be much smaller than a 10-10-6 big and close.
  17. I'm really sorry to hear that Dan! I hope he is OK. Maybe we'll shoot together later this year.
  18. There doesn't have to be a consensus. Spotters 1 and 2 agreed that there were at least 4 misses, therefore the call is 4, which is giving the spotter the BOD on the other two possible misses.
  19. Just say no and take a break. I was planning on skipping the Doc Holiday's match Saturday, but if you commit to coming I'll be there.
  20. Whoa! So you can't bring ammo into the state, you have to wait to buy guns, you have to say pretty please to get a CCL, but you CAN lane split? Definitely illegal here in Georgia. I personally don't care, let em blow between cars at 70 mph. There are bold motorcycle riders and there are old motorcyle riders, but there are no old, bold motorcycle riders. Glad you're on the mend PR.
  21. When the heck are you going to get your butt to a Cowboy Match?
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