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  1. Looks like the frames are marked Ruger Old Army
  2. Two 1851 Navy Sheriffs with conversion cylinders, an 1866 Winchester, and a Greener
  3. I would love to get a set of Ruger’s in 32 H&R mag, get Jimmy Spurs to do a full race job on them and have octagon barrels swapped on.
  4. Thank you for the offer, but unfortunately that won't work. I am selling this to cover the cost of getting an 1851 Navy (which I just purchased on GB) to go with one I already have.
  5. Lol! I don’t see me shooting Cap and Ball at a State Match unless it was the BP side match.
  6. I'm offering an ASM 1860 Army in 44 caliber with a shoulder stock and holster for $450 shipped. If we do a local sale I'll knock of $25 for the cost of shipping. My father gave me this gun (and an 1851 Navy) and I'm buying another Navy to get a matched set. He was the original owner and said he has only fired it once. The gun is mechanically sound with a couple of small rust freckles that I've shown in the pictures. The bore is in great shape, with zero pitting or rusting. It locks up nice and tight. The shoulder stock is in pretty good shape, with some d
  7. That sounds about right. You're talking about the gun, not the stock, correct? Whew, I just looked up the stock on Dixie Gun Works. $335. More for the stock than for the gun.
  8. I try! My dad has always been a recluse and the older he gets the more reclusive he becomes. I tried to get him to go fishing with me while we were there, but no luck. The same with shooting, that's a no go for him. Anyway, I'm back home and I'm about to start giving these puppies a good cleaning. Once I finish with the 1860 I'm going to post it on for sale in the Classifieds. Can anyone give me an idea what the 1860 is worth? I'm seeing opening bids for new ones on GB in the low to mid $300s. Also, can anyone give me an idea of the value of the shoul
  9. It is a Pietta. It may be polished steel. The GB ad said factory nickel plate and engraving. I'll be happy either way!!
  10. I went on GB and bought this 1851 Navy in .44 to match the one my dad gave me. It's factory nickeled and engraved, so not a perfect match, but it's a Sheriff's model and a pretty gun.
  11. I saw REM 11s at the local Bass Pro. Will they work?
  12. Is double or even triple tapping the first target of the tombstone knockdowns possible? Sure, I’ve double tapped one of those with my rifle many times. We shoot a match that uses 5 knockdowns arrayed left to right. I routinely do a double tap sweep on that array. It’s faster and I don’t have to engage the dump target. Just be sure not to miss with shot #10.
  13. Wow! A wealth of information! Thanks everyone! I’ve already taken the Army down, somewhat. The takedown ‘pin/block’ is pretty stiff on the Navy, I’ll have to wait until I get home and have my tools to take it down. The Army is in pretty good shape. The bore looks good, there are a couple of small freckles on the barrel, but I used Hoppes and most of that is gone. I’ll finish it up at home. The Navy is in better shape, but once I take it down I’ll need to give the brass frame a good cleaning and polishing.
  14. Not 21. I’m going to take my time and add stuff as I find deals. I have a buddy in the bullet business. I might buy my bullets from him. Maybe you know if he sells 44 and 44-40?
  15. I talked to my dad and he doesn’t care if I swap one out, so I’m thinking of swapping the 1860 for another 1851 in 44 caliber, but steel framed. I want to keep at least one of the two he gave me and I like the 1851 better. I’ll go light on powder to protect the brass frame. Can anyone tell me, is this 1851 a ‘Sheriff’ model with that short barrel? Also, can a competent gunsmith lighten the hammer spring on these? It is very stiff.
  16. I’m just not willing to shoot BP or any BP substitute in my main match guns. They’re expensive, and I am not a ‘handy’ guy. I rarely do more than take the side plates off my rifle to clean it. In fact, in ten years I’ve never stripped an 1873 any farther down than taking the side plates off and the mag tube plug out. I’ve taken Vaquero’s down pretty far, then sweated trying to get them back together correctly. A dedicated BP rifle and shotgun means if I strip them down and can’t get them back together, or worse break them, I can still keep shooting my main match guns.
  17. I’m not thinking of switching to BP full time Max. But going to Dark Day and shooting Frontiersman might be nice. Of course that means I would need to buy a dedicated BP rifle, another shotgun, a rig and BP reloading gear.
  18. So, assuming I want to use these to occasionally compete in Frontiersman, what needs to be done to these guns to make them more reliable/competitive.
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