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  1. Eli, I think I will leave my email as is for now and see if I can just turn email notifications off for now. I would like your help in changing my username. Will send ya a pm. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Eli, The main thing I could not get to work is use my gmail account to register. It seemed to work but I never received the confirmation email to complete my registration when using gmail. So I used my work email and a slightly different username to get it to work so I could post this, but I would really prefer to use my gmail if possible. I don't want to fill up my work inbox with notifications. It sounds like others may have had issues with gmail before from what Tyrel Cody said. Thanks, Jared
  3. Yes, I was trying to use gmail. Maybe that was the issue since my work email had no problem. Thanks for helping out!
  4. I used my work email and a different user name so I could post here. I would still like to use my other email address and user name.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and trying to register and am having some issues. A few days ago I signed up for a new account, but I never received a confirmation email to finish registration, even after resending several times and checking spam folder. So I cancelled my account thinking that I would just start over again, and now it is preventing me from signing up using my same email and telling me that cancelled registrations are removed daily. It appears I can't sign up until my account is cleared so I can start over. I can't even post here with my same email since it says it is already in use, so I have added an underscore so hopefully it allows my post. Can someone please help? Thanks, Jared
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