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  1. Careful what you say, boys. The ears have walls.
  2. Maybe I can find work with the Imams? Know what Joe, I am not going to write what I was going to as it would just escalate this and I don’t want any bad blood between us. This issue isn’t worth it.
  3. Who said anything about tearing up the Constitution? I sure didn’t. Nor did I say I want the government involved. So, you don’t like what I have to say so I should leave the country? Get off your high horse Joe. I have a freedom of speech too.
  4. So many scams out there. Gotta be careful.
  5. I’d be happy to operate those devices. Especially on the posers, instigators and useful idiots.
  6. Agreed +1 And…I also like Iron Maiden. I discovered them in Greece at an Athens bootleg cassette tape shop. I bought quite a few tapes there that day. Apparently it was legal to copy and sell copyrighted music there in ‘82. Or the store owner just didn’t care.
  7. I worked with a Muslim man who truly hated Israel. Someone gave him a scope or a red dot sight that he had attached to his AR-15. One day he found out that his optic was made in Israel and it was an expensive. It may have been a Meprolight. Anyway, he decided that since it would cost a lot to replace it with a similar optic he sent it out to have it Cerakoted, thus putting more money into it. His goal was to keep the sight but not clue his Muslim friends in that it was Israeli. I emailed this to him. He was not amused.
  8. I wonder if he used a knock out spray of some sort? I remember years ago in downtown LA a swarm entered a police car at a red light. I was two cars back. The officer calmly got out and radioed for traffic support and a beekeeper. I learned later that a beekeeper used smoke to get at the queen. He then put the queen in a mesh container so that the swarm could detect her and follow as he left the area to trap the bees in the back of a sealed van. He then drove away and set the bees up outside the city.
  9. Here’s a link for the Lee Bullet Resizer kit. Pick 9mm and resize your lead bullets to .356” https://leeprecision.com/classic-bullet-sizing-kit I use one of these for .45 Colt to size my .452” bullets to .451” for my revolvers.
  10. We need to bring back the Iron Maiden, the rack, stocks, whipping posts and any and all other Medieval recreational equipment.
  11. “Honey? Is there an App for this?” ”Hang on…I think I left the manual in the car.” [sound of car starting and moving away] ”Typical man. Leaving as soon as there’s work to be done. If you want anything done right you have to do it yourself!” [woman pushes black button on top]
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