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  1. Yeah, California is famous for this. The same politicians condemning them will let it all slide. Not directing this at you Dan. This is just another typical California elitist political move.
  2. Heck, I’d give SASS HQ a ring. Couldn’t hurt.
  3. I saw them listed on the Taurus website a while back. I have no knowledge of them though. Making Colt clones is very popular with all these different companies. Kind of like 1911s.
  4. Did he have it made at one of the big SASS matches? If so, whoever put on the match might be able to tell you who the vendor might be that made it. Perhaps that vendor has a digital copy of it. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to call SASS HQ. They may be able to help.
  5. Just be patient and don’t push yourself. We’d like to keep you around a bit longer, TM.
  6. When I was a kid, me, my brother and a couple friends did the same things on our bikes. We built a great ramp using my Dad’s plywood and 2x4s (Strike 1) We started off jumping for height and distance. My brother Jeff took that day’s record in that stunt. My Dad came outside and was watching us. I jumped over 5 kids and my Dad put a stop to those antics. All of a sudden he says “Where did you boys get the wood for this?” ”In the basement” ”(litany of colorful expletives)” A short time later a car was coming down the street. We moved the ramp. After the car passed we decided to leave ramp where it was…about 20’ behind my Dad’s station wagon. “Well just jump at an angle so we don’t hit the car.” Famous last words. My brother Jeff came barreling down the street, hit the ramp too straight and BLAM! Right into my Dad’s car. Luckily he was really hurt…until we were marched inside by my Dad and we each got 3 cracks for using the wood and crashing into the car. As for the zeppelin/carrier photo belong fake? I did a search and couldn’t find any site making that claim. I did find plenty of info that this event was the first and last time a dirigible landed on a ship.
  7. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. I have encountered this collective of idiots before. I have little respect for this department. The same goes for Kern County. I clearly heard the helo officer say “The girl is out of the truck. She’s on the passenger side.” She ran, like any scared person would and some trigger happy or completely inept morons shot her. This is shameful.
  8. Well…Look at the big brain on Brad, I mean, Marshal. I just copied and pasted. I didn’t name the happenings, but you are right.
  9. This is an interesting collection of photos from years past. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the photo of people riding the Broughton Lumber Flume sure looks like a lot of fun. I found them all here: https://acidcow.com/pics/160462-interesting-historical-photos-22-pics.html "Engineer Karen Leadlay Working On The Analog Computers In The Space Division Of General Dynamics, 1964" 1 "E. Lilian Todd, Self-Taught Inventor Considered To Be The First Woman In The World To Design And Build Her Own Aircraft, 1909" 2 3 "Julia Child Makes Spaghetti With Mr. Rogers, 1974" 4 "The Rocket Express, A Monorail That Carried Kids Around The Toy Department 8th Floor At The John Wanamaker Department Store In Center City, Philadelphia, 1950s" 5 "Children Cross A River Using Pulleys On Their Way To School In The Outskirts Of Modena, Italy, 1959, Technically Uphill Both Ways" 6 "Sent The Crumb-Snatcher To Gramma's! A Postman With A Baby In His Mailbag When It Was Possible And Legal To Send Children Through The U.S. Postal Service, 1913" 7 "Riding The Broughton Lumber Flume, Hood River Junction On The Columbia River At The Washington/Oregon Border" 8 "Hollywood Boys Choir, 1973. From Top Left Kent Mccord, Martin Milner, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ed Asner, Glenn Ford, Red Foxx, Jack Carter, Ernest Borgnine, John Wayne And Howard Cosell" 9 "5 Megabyte Hard Drive Being Shipped Out, Ibm, 1956" 10 "A 1932 American Bantam That Was Used For Ferry Service Over The Pudding River In Oregon" 11 "Roland, A 4,000 Pound Elephant Seal, Getting A Snow Bath From His Handler At The Berlin Zoo, 1930s" 12 "Ming The Panda Photographing Bert Hardy’s Son, Mike, At London Zoo, December 1938" 13 "1915 Eruption Of Mt Lassen As Seen From Red Bluff, California" 14 "50,000 Book Kerfuffle, Lorain Public Library, Lorain, Ohio, 1971" 15 "Women Assembling The Beatles' ''rubber Soul'' Album At The Hayes Vinyl Factory, 1965" 16 "What Will They Think Of Next? Bell Telephone’s Picturephone, 1964" 17 "Empire State Building Window Washer, 1936" 18 "USS Los Angeles Airship Lands On The USS Saratoga, January 1928" 19 "Properly Equipped Bike, Check. All The Neighborhood Girls To Show Off To, Check. Close Adult Supervision, Check. Knowing Life Doesn't Get Any Better Than This, Priceless" 20 "Farm Boy At Pop Stand, General Store In Lamoille, Iowa, Arthur Rothstein, 1939" 21 "Building Empire State Building, 1930, The Entire Building Went Up In Just Over A Year, Under Budget (At $40 Million) And Well Ahead Of Schedule" 22
  10. And shortly after this photo was taken the gent on the left burst into flames because his cigar ignited his wool jacket pocket flap.
  11. Thanks for the info. Kind of a weird name for a baby buggy. I kind of thought it might be “Baby On Board” or perhaps some cutesy name only rich trophy wives would or could afford, like; (this must be said like Mr. Howell only in a woman’s voice) Belaire, Oh Baby…
  12. Yes, @J-BAR #18287 we have power. We are further north than the power outage. The center of the state has had some heavy storms. I am sure that’s the cause. Thank you for your concern.
  13. Unfortunately, they only use PP. I was told they’re looking at other options, but nothing has changed yet.
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