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  1. I was that guy in the picture. I remember one test the tech said to me over the headphones “The test hasn’t started yet. Why are you pushing the button?” I had tinnitus even back when I was 18 years old.
  2. My birthday is one month after Christmas. Believe it or not members of my family would buy me the same thing as my brothers then say “Oh, by the way Tom, that’s for your birthday too.” Cheap bastages! As to Alpo’s question: When I was a kid I would have preferred my birthday to be on a holiday. That way people might remember it. As an adult. I don’t really care.
  3. Pop Quiz: How many vehicle code violations do you see? Follow up: Never mind. Don’t bother.
  4. I use DuckDuckGo and search. If I can’t find the number I usually don’t bother searching any further.
  5. Congratulations @Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L I retired July 4th of 2022. I love it! I don’t have the money I once did, but I don’t care. I hope you have many many days of fun in your retirement.
  6. Wow! I am saddened to hear this Clay. I hope and pray they are able to help you and get you back on your feet.
  7. I thought the Marines in the Pacific started out with 1903s Regardless, that is one helluva record. 30 towns liberated in 183 days of combat.
  8. That’s what I like about you, Pard. You always seem to see the good rather than the bad or negative.
  9. I hope there isn’t a body in there
  10. Thanks. I forgot about that.
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