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  1. That’s odd. I would think a “prohibited” gun would bring a premium. I bought a Glock 19X in Oregon for under $600. When I brought here I could sell it for $1600 as only Gen 3 Glocks are allowed to be sold here. I gave it to my son-in-law as a gift. He was very happy with it. I still have my Glock 45 9mm. That one is a “forever gun”. I will never part with it even though I could get enough money for it to buy 3 Gen 3 Glocks.
  2. Yes, they have a list. They also have unlimited funding to make your life miserable if somehow you were caught swapping or selling guns “illegally”.
  3. Is a small magazine factory a clip joint? Yes, you may groan...
  4. “But officer, I swear it’s just for air freshener....”
  5. My wife was in a Walmart in Oregon where a lady was buying $500 worth of gift cards to get her grandson out of jail. The clerk apparently realized what was happening and called the manager over. The manager talked to the lady then convinced her they needed to call the police. So, people do fall for this crap. We knew a lady from church that paid the IRS $3600 on her credit card. Luckily that was all they got scammed for. She called her husband and he stopped her before she paid more on a different card. Auto communista scams me everyday stealing the meanings of my words and turning Walmart into “Wheelchair Alimony”...I kid you not...
  6. Yeah, if one isn’t careful one could have this happen where I work. They treat essential people with disdainful elitist attitudes until they need something and then they go out of their way to pee all over them afterwards. I came very very close to totally blowing it yesterday and getting myself terminated. Gotta keep my eye on the prize...798 days...
  7. When did Marlin 39A’s become a rifle that can be used in “our game”? Besides, a piece of electrical tape and “Wallah”! Okay for a match that allows for .22s.
  8. VA = Veteran’s Administration medical facility.
  9. Depends on the drug, her body weight, water intake. I would think drugs suspended in urine wouldn’t breakdown or go anywhere, but I sure it depends on the drug.
  10. That definitely makes a difference. I think I need to start a spreadsheet with all these little bits of information regarding costs vs taxes vs property values vs etc...etc...
  11. So Arizona has the big 3 C’s? California Communist Cancer?
  12. Africa is one of my favorite songs. Nothing like driving my convertible on a coastal road with the top down and having that song come on the radio. Very nice.
  13. All my dogs have definitely had tastebuds. They each had their likes and dislikes. I am pretty sure none of them like or liked bananas. Anything meat related - Absolutely! My dog Wilbur could detect a pea in anything and somehow eat all around the peas in his bowl. My dog Maddie hates even the littlest piece of lettuce even if attached to burger meat. My dog Daisy would openly drool over Salmon but didn’t like other fish. Yes, they definitely have tastebuds.
  14. Insulting snakes this way should be forbidden.
  15. On another note I have heard people say the Alliant Unique and Hodgdon Universal powders are the very similar and can be loaded using the same data. NOT TRUE! They weigh differently and cannot be loaded the same grain for grain. Don’t buy into that gun counter myth.
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