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  1. And more importantly, hear it. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrup! Problem neutralized.
  2. How exactly does one survive a 2 mile fall? Land through soft tree canopy and splash down?
  3. This has Justin Trudeau-Newsome written all over it.
  4. These people are sometimes called low information voters. Just stickin their heads in the proverbial sand never makes things better.
  5. Forty Rod I'll heartily echo Rye's statement. You nailed it.
  6. Nope. I swore off that mind numbing stuff after high school.
  7. Wonder if it would help me with calculus?
  8. Back in 2018, there was a shooting in Santa Fe,Texas at a high school in which 10 students were killed and at least 10 more wounded. This one lasted for about a week in the national media after it was discovered the shooter was not a white boy, nor had he used an AR15. Apparently 10 dead students don’t count for anything in today’s media, but the shooter’s race and weapon of choice do and this one did not fit the left’s anti-gun political agenda.
  9. Very good article, Abilene Slim. Thanks for posting.
  10. The Virginia house passed this, but does this mean it is law? Doesn’t the governor need to sign this?
  11. What we can be sure of at this time is that the media will only report on this with any interest if the shooter fits their profile fitting their agenda. If the shooter does not match their profile, the coverage of this event itself dies in short order. We've seen that play out before...
  12. I'd opt for Dragoons over Walkers if shooting GF'r. The lack of a loading lever catch on a Walker might cause/will cause problems when the lever drops and ya have two loaded guns out simultaneously. (Unless there is a trick... and yes, I am aware a Dragoon might/can drop a loading lever too, but my experience with a Walker is about 100% it will...)
  13. What sweet Bisleys they would be. I've seen some of these octagonal barrel Vaqueros Snake Oil does... excellent work!
  14. After years of Trailboss, I started experimenting with Unique. Now it is scarce. I also tried Tin Star. Good, but generally a little warm for CAS in the revolvers, at least at the low end of published loads. So I switched to APP. Love that stuff! I recently got lucky and got into a decent amount of Trailboss so I'm set for a few years. I'll relegate Unique to my 44 Special Skeeter loads. Most of my shooting this year with be with APP.
  15. And yet both animals have strengths the other does not.
  16. For me and possibly many others, when new to cowboy action we soon also discovered we'd need to reload. We were told use Trailboss as it is good for CAS velocities, new reload-friendly in some ways, and was available everywhere for a reasonable price, so we did. We also discovered we really liked it and it was about perfect for 45 Colt due to its bulkiness in the case. So we got used to it. I still prefer it for CAS loadings in 45 Colt, 44 Special, 45-70, and 44-40, all when not using APP. I use several other powders for all my other handloading, but Trailboss for many of us, is still king for CAS.
  17. I prefer buying local, but I get you. My local guy said he expects to get Unique in the next month or so but indicated it will be $50+/lb. Damnawhama! Glad I still have a usable amount of TB for CAS.
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