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  1. TNX pard... just got my computer working again. The gun is a good 98%. I'll take another look around and see what I can find. It will shoot virtually the same hole at 100yds with Speer Nitrex ammo, and under MOA with my reloads. By far the most accurate gun I've ever owned. I got it for some fun hunting, but it was just too pretty to take out, and then they outlawed any bullets with lead for hunting, so I had to load Barnes copper. They were good, but nothing shoots like the Speer Nitrex ammo. I think if I listed it for that price, I would jump on it myself! Also have a lot of ammo and dies. Thanks again Snakebite
  2. Been looking for comps, but current ones seem to be scarce. I have a Browning Low Wall, 243 with Leupold Vari X 2-7 Compact. It is 98%, and has very few rounds through it. Since moving to town, I don't see any further opportunities to enjoy it. I would appreciate some feedback as to what I might expect. I've searched high and low, and can not find the box. Lots of things I can find since the move to town. Snakebite
  3. A gas checked bullet does not obturate like a plain based lead bullet does. Sizing becomes more critical when using a gas checked bullet in a 45-70.
  4. Long before Mash... James Fennimore Cooper wrote about his Frontier Scout Hero, Hawkeye. The Deer Slayer and The Last of the Mohicans were two of the most popular. I pretty sure that Jim took his name from there.
  5. My good friend and Co-Founder of the Kings River Regulators has crossed the River. Jim Riley was one of the best. He always had a smile, and was always first to give help where he could. All that know him will miss him. Goodbye my old friend. Snakebite
  6. Keeping the loading table down to one or two shooters might help in some cases, and keeping the line spaced out. As for timing, If the stage were written so as to start and stop at the same location, the Timer could be put on delay and left at the start/stop location to sound the starting beep, and to pickup the final shot. If the shooter were unable to hear the timer's beep, the T.O. could stand back at a safe distance and shoot the Shooter in the ass with a bean flip when the timer went off. Naw... I'll just wait until it's safe, then go back to playing the game. Snakebite
  8. So sorry for the loss of your friend and family member. We too have been there a number of times. Each time we said that we would not get another because the loss was too much to bare. However, each time we ended up doing so because living without the love and comfort that a true K-9 friend can provide is just too much to bare. You can never replace you friend, but you can enjoy another one. The years of joy should not be wasted. If possible, after a short time, get yourself another friend. Snakebite
  9. I am aware of that, and I have some of that and some from another source, but I'm not stripping paint right now...
  10. In the mean time I am taking Snakebite whiskey. It helps calm the nerves.
  11. Do you really expect anyone to believe that... without pictures, it didn't happen!
  12. Yes... those authentic type wheels are rather tough. I used the never go flat rubber tires on mine. The roll much easier and provide a little cushion. sb
  13. Years ago I used one of those Baby carts that folks jog behind to build a gun cart. It was similar to High Cotton's cart, only his is much nicer than mine was. I did like it, but it would impossible for me to fit inside the Minni Winnie. My current carts pulls right inside and there is a spot that it fits. HOWEVER... I do like the one that High Cotton made quite a bit. I could put the rack on the back and carry it. Maybe I'll steal his and change the color..... do you think that he would notice?
  14. For the first 20 years I used various wooden gun carts. Then I went through 2 of the popular (Baby Buggy) type canvas gun Carts. I started with a small one then moved to a Big one. I used them for 5 or 6 years. They were always in the way inside the garage and took up too much room in the RV or the car. Storing ammo or other items in them was always difficult. Things seemed to always be in disarray. Combine that with the lack of a good place to sit and it just wasn't working out well for me so I went back to a mid size wooden cart that folds down. It has a much smaller foot print than the (Other) cart, it takes less space to store and is much easier for me to load/unload and haul inside the motorhome or car. I like the removable boxes that keep things in order and can be brought into the loading room to stock without having to bring the entire cart inside. The padded box provides a good place to sit. The Big name canvas cart that is so popular now days have their own merits, but they are a bit pricy and I found them to be cumbersome. For me, I find that I much prefer my fold down wooden cart. To each their own.
  15. Just for the RECORD, keeping the game PURE is a quote made by the Founder of the game, Judge Roy Bean. It was made many times, but the most memorable was in his address to the TGs at a meeting in the Old Frontier....
  16. Well believe what ever you want. Playing within the rules is, was and always will be Subjective, whether you like it or not. Most of us do the best we can. Snakebite
  17. In the early days, that was about the size of it. It use to be "If it looks Cowboy, then it is Cowboy". There was some merit with that, and for a while it worked........ until the game was invaded by a few shooters that were more obsessed with winning than playing the game. THAT is when things started going sideways, and more and more and more rules were made in an attempt to keep the game "Pure"... well, it didn't really work, did it. As long as we tolerate those that really don't care to play the game, then it will always be that way. Take a look at some of the early Photos in the Pinned area, and look at how folks dressed. You virtually never saw shooters dressed like modern day Rodeo fans. Now days a pair of Wranglers and a non-traditional Rodeo shirt are common place. All those Old Time Cloths just slow you down, and some folks have come to think that a 12 sec stage is what this game is all about. O-well, I'm sure that is so for some, but it yields very little Playing of the Game IMO. SB
  18. I would not disagree with this basic philosophy, except for EVERY case of subjectivity. I have always virtually practiced it, and have encouraged it in the classes that I taught. Subjectivity is always going to be with us. It is a part of any and every game that is played anywhere. The biggest reason for training is to attempt to get everyone on the same page when it comes to applying the rules, and hopefully the subjectivity involved will come across in a much more even manner across the board. It is ABSOLUTELY impossible to list every thing that could and does happen. Anyone that must be provided with an absolute cut and dried answer to everything is a poor person to be making any decisions. It takes a good T.O. that is well trained with the rules, understanding the reason is indeed helpful, and has a further understanding of the RO3 course (common sense) and is not afraid to actually enforce the rules to do the job. Anyone that just lets things "Slide" because they don't agree with them should NOT be in any position of rule enforcement. Seeing things with a broad eye and not splitting hairs is one thing and trying to find a legal reason to NOT nail the shooter is something that all T.O.s should be doing, but turning a blind eye just hurts everyone in the game. Don't do it. Snakebite
  19. The foot ware issue is nothing new. It was a constant issue when I was the Chairman of the ROC, and was there when San Quinton was the Chairman before me. It has never been a cut and dried, absolute issue. Folks wear crape soled work boots at every match in the nation. I watched one of the games biggest and longest raining World Champions wear Rock Swat team boots at Winter Range one year. Enforcement of Foot ware has never been the same everywhere, and it never will. However, when ask a specific question about a specific product, the ROC can only use the existing verbiage to make their decision. AND, it is THEIR decision to make. I realize that some folks think that their opinion of how things should be is the way it should be done. I remember when we were beating the Vibram Sole issue. Just how big could the lugs be... I think it was Coyote Calhoun that said if you could shin a flashlight on one side of the shoe/boot and you could see the light coming out the other side, then the lugs were too big. Ha! Of course he was joking, but it was a reminder that the issue was a tough one. I remember that there was laughing movement to require at least 4 colors to be on boots worn in B Western. Ha, ha. There has been all kinds of stuff out there... the Earth Walkers had a lot of pros and cons. I have always been of the opinion that anyone running around with a loaded gun ought to have the best footing that was available, while keeping things within the Cowboy atmosphere. That meant doing away with the dumb requirement of Leather soles in some categories.... duh.... they can be very slippery at times. I don't always agree with the ROC's interpretation of things, but I do agree that we must have one body/group that makes those calls, and the ROC should be and is that group. Snakebite
  20. Thank you Virgil for your time in Chairing and steering the ROC. I'm glad to see that you will still be around to offer your insight. Snakebite
  21. CBB, No, you are not over reacting. You are just exercising reasonable caution. Just about everything in life has a risk factor. For me, the rewards available must be at least as valuable as the risk taken. Shooting another CAS match doesn't seem to weigh out with the risk of getting it. I've had Pneumonia a couple of times... don't think that I want to risk getting it again. I'll just stay home and watch one more episode of I Love Lucy. Snakebite
  22. Geeze! That would require Butt Powder too...... Lavender I presume.
  23. Guns... you are worried about guns! TIOLET PAPER MAN, IT'S TOLIET PAPER YOU NEED TO BE WORRIED ABOUT! SB
  24. KING RIVER REGULATORS The Kings River Regulators have cancelled their 26 Annual Fort Miller match which was to be held in April. Right up to the end we were hoping that all of this would not be necessary, but Monday's State and Federal Governments guidelines made it clear that it was time to make the call. The good news is that we now have a First Class, ready to go match, in the Bag, and we will bring this extra special match back out when the time is right. Thanks to all for standing with us right up to the end. We'll be back. Snakebite
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