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  1. Sorry, I came on too strong. It's enough to say that I wear a mask when I am going to be in close proximity, in a closed area with people I don't know. I need to do this.
  2. I totally agree with that, and it goes just as much for the radicals on the Right as it does for those on the Left. We need to support our Leo's!
  3. Use Large Pistol primers if you have them.
  4. The purpose of setting them in water is to keep the heat at the top of the case, and then kick them over so they cool down and you can do some more. It is not to set the hardness.
  5. I use a empty Sardine can. (pie tin or just about any metal pan would work). I put in water just deep enough so it would cover the case of the cartridge I am annealing when the case is lying down on it's side. I then stand a few cases up in the can, not too many, you want all of them to be able to fall over into the water and be covered. I use a torch on the mouth of the case until I get a very dull red showing. Then just bump/move the Sardine can so that all cases tip over into the water. Cheap, easy and it works great. Snakebite
  6. We eat out often. The prices have increased and the quality has decreased at the big name national restaurants. Seems like the local restaurants still do a good job though their prices have also increased a considerable amount. With the cost increase of eating out it makes buying a better cut and grilling/smoking at home more attractive.
  7. Pat, I couldn't agree more. Some people become overnight experts on EVERYTHING.
  8. I live in Clovis, and it is HOT! We have the thermostate set for 78, as normal for us. Been here for over 70 yrs, and I can't remember it ever being this hot for such a long time.
  9. I agree with OLG. A wheel gun is IMO a very good choice. They are very reliable and jambs are un likely. Ammo is easy to find, and some of today's defense ammo is not only low recoil, but extremely effective. They are usually much eaiser to shoot than auto loaders. SW new Body Guard is light and not too costly. A carry purse is a good in investment.
  10. Since I'm spending your money, I would get a Mec 9000. I am very pleased with mine. I bought it second hand off of ebay. Don't know if they still do, but they use to recondition your machine and ship it back to you for $75. Once I learned to pay attention to what I was doing, I stopped spilling powder and shot, and can crank out a box of shells very quickly. If you take the time to learn just where your wad needs to end up, you can crank out shells that are near perfect. The collet resizer does a great job, and with the proper adjustment of the dies, the shells will fly right out of your SXS.
  11. I don't have B78, but I have a very nice Browning Low Wall in 243, Oct Barrel, and Leopold scope.
  12. A Slouch hat is appropriate
  13. Smoke and Mirrors. Learn how to reload Shotgun shells properly, and they will work just fine. Snakebite
  14. Interesting. No hard steel here. Just about everything in the 3 that I had was made out of pot metal. That even includes the opening lever. Just a little heat applied to allow for bending yeilded a pot metal break, nothing like the real steel used on a SKB, BSS, or any other quality shotgun thats been on my bench. Trimming the cocking rods so both hammers would set at the same time was a nightmare. Shortening went ok but trying add a few thousands to one rod was a disaster. As soon as I hit it with the Mig, it just totally disintegrated. I had to fabricate new rods. I made them with 5mm steel. I've had many guns on my bench the last 30 yrs but never had one that the metal would just fall apart so easily with so little heat applied. I was unable to get a replacement lever. I had a heck of time rebuilding the one that crumpled. After the issues I had with the first gun I just cleaned up the casting and polished the other two so they could at least be opened.
  15. I don't know anything about the Turkish SKBs, but do know that the older guns are very good. The CZ Sharptail is full of Pot-metal parts. IMO they are not as good as the SKB. I've never been able to get one to open as well as a SKB while still being reliable. They are however a very good looking gun, and if you don't try to make them too light, they work.
  16. Two questions: Who/what is the Rules Committee, and who makes the rules in SASS?
  17. It's pretty simple. It's against the law to carry in COSTCO in California, which is what/where I was taking about. Right or wrong, if you choose to carry in a place where it is prohibited, then it just makes good sense to keep it "concealed". IMO open carry makes many people nervous. Concealed carry makes no one nervous. Snakebite
  18. If you are carrying a gun in such a way that COSTCO knows your are carrying a gun, then it's good that they don't let you in. If you carry your CCW the way you are required by law and should, then they don't/won't know. I've never seen or even heard of them patting down someone upon entry. If you have a need for it while in the store, it's better to have it and deal with the carry restrictions later than to not have it and pay the price. I've never seen it posted, they don't point it out when you join. It is burried inside all the verbiage when you sign up.
  19. Amazon is hard to beat. If you watch what you are doing you can find decent prices on Amazon. They make it easy to purchase and generally deliver your item quickly. I've never bought into thier Prime service, but you must be careful during checkout or you will unknowingly agree to it. Amazon is not going away. They will and are hurting the local Mom and Pop stores, and even digging into the local Majors, like Best Buy, Target and other. I remember when the Mom and Pop stores complained about the Shopping center that went in at our small town. They wanted the city to give them special incentives because they could not compete with Kmart. When Walmart came along they managed to have control of the City council and voted to keep it out of our town. They went on to complain about the neighboring town getting most of the business due to the fact that THEY had allowed Walmart in. Then they started in on COSTCO when it came along. The local TV shop had to go belly up because they sold a TV for over $100 more than the same TV was available at the Big Box stores. Sevice was and is not an issue.... they just give you another one if yours breaks. Bottom line is that most folks will buy where they can save the most money and still get a service level that they can live with. Amazon gives a prompt an shipping free merchandize return. In most cases they refund your money even before you get the other item returned to them via the lable they send you on email. So yeah... Amazon has spoiled many of us. They have negotiated contracts with the USPS for special rates, they have their own overland shipping, many huge distrubution centers that can ship your item the same day and often deliver it the same day. I just don't see how anyone can beat that.
  20. I've always liked 777. It's more powerful than other BP subs. Building 12 ga shotgun loads using half of what other subs require is a snap. I've used reduced charges with no problems, and it cleans up easily. I've never cared much for Pyrodex... other than using one of their 30gn pellets in 45-70 for Plainsman events. Most of the other LEAGAL products are virtually the same as citrus based APP. They are all OK. Goex Cowboy was Great... too bad it's no longer around.
  21. I'm not sure that made in the USA is any assurance of quality. They just went through a big recall for unsafe guns. I hope this new gun is good, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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